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Danny Peat from Peveril Road, Tibshelf

A 30-year-old Alfreton man who worked with an accomplice to try to swindle over £205,000 in tax repayments from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has been jailed today.

Danny Peat from Peveril Road, Tibshelf, falsified his online Self Assessment tax returns by claiming he was self employed with substantial business expenses. By lying about his expenses he tried to steal over £120,000 in tax he wasn’t entitled to.

Peat, along with accomplice Shane Plunkett, 31, of Belper, made a similar fraudulent tax claim, in Plunkett’s name, for over £85,000.

Stuart Taylor, Assistant Director, Criminal Investigation, HMRC, said:

“Peat and Plunkett made several online claims, which all proved bogus, in an attempt to line their own pockets. HMRC takes tax fraud extremely seriously and anyone deliberately choosing to evade their taxes or making deliberate attacks on the UK’s tax systems will face prosecution.

“If you have information about people who may be involved in tax fraud you can contact the Tax Evasion Hotline on 0800 788 887.”

The pair pleaded guilty to the fraud at separate court hearings earlier this year. Peat was jailed for 16 months and Plunkett was jailed for 6 months for the tax fraud, plus 9 months for other police offences. suspended for 18 months.

Real Estate Market

When buying a new home, you may have a close eye focused on your budget and expenses, and your goal may be to keep related expenses to a minimum. However, you may also be well aware that a real estate purchase is a legal transaction, and you may be wondering if you need to pay for legal services from a real estate attorney. With a closer look, you can make a better decision that is right for your home buying plans.

The Legal Forms Used With A Typical Transaction

The majority of real estate contracts will be written using standard legal forms. These are legally binding forms with clauses that protect buyers and sellers alike. While they are standard forms, you do want to read the forms in their entirety and understand your obligations before signing the contract. Keep in mind that you are not required to use these forms, and you can request an attorney to prepare a separate contract for you. However, these are commonly used forms that real estate agents typically will use.

The Services Of A Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is not a legal professional, and your agent likely will not be licensed to practice law in the state. However, the agent can explain your obligations with a standard contract so that you have a better understanding about what you are committed to. Your real estate agent may refer you to a real estate attorney if you require a special contract to be drawn up or if you are not comfortable with different clauses in the standard forms.

When Special Situations Arise

The standard real estate contracts will typically be feasible for use with most transactions, but there are special situations that may arise from time to time. For example, you may only want to purchase a portion of a large estate. While the seller would need to subdivided, your attorney would need to review special documents to ensure the transaction is legal. Perhaps you want to purchase real estate in a corporation or under another entity, or you want to protect your rights when purchasing property with a partner who you are not legally married to.

While real estate agents are not legal professionals, they are able to prepare standard contract forms for you and explain them to you. Because of this, many people will not need to pay for additional legal services, but each situation is unique. When you speak with your trusted real estate agent about your upcoming purchase, he or she can help you to learn more about services an attorney may provide that the agent is not able to.


This two-story penthouse sits on the beachfront property of the St. Christopher Club and over looks the Atlantic Ocean. Partly influenced by the close proximity to the ocean, the condo is tastefully decorated with a nautical theme.

The grounds offer several amenities including a tennis court, infinity pool with inpool and outdoor bar, inpool bar seats, a sitting area and beach access. It is home to the most sought after beaches, restaurants, beach bars, hotels and the renowned Royal St. Kitts Golf Course. This community also has a coffee shop and two mini marts as well as the most talked about island nightlife.

This condominium has two separate dwellings, separated by a lock off door. The larger side includes an open concept living area, with a custom kitchen with a black pebble backsplash, a master bedroom with en-suite, and a full bathroom. Mezzanine has a separate living room, open snooker/pool room and additionally two large bedrooms and bathroom. The mezzanine also allows for most of the lower living area to have vaulted, almost cathedral like ceilings.

The attached apartment includes its own custom kitchen, living and dining area with master bedroom and guest room with two beds and a bathroom.

Both sides enjoy their own enormous veranda’s ideal for dining, morning coffees, cocktails or just relaxing and enjoying the breathtaking views of the ocean.

Stainless steel appliances, including full sized over and stove, a french door styled refrigerator with built in water filter and ice machine, microwave and full size dishwasher.

Potential yearly rental return on both units is approximately $65,000.

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 4

Patios: 2

Pets: Allowed

Furnished: Included

Square Footage: Approx 3,600 sq/ft


  • Fridge
  • Stove / Oven
  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • TV
  • Air Conditioners


  • Pool x2
  • Beach
  • Tennis / Volley ball / other sports
  • Garden

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Luxuriously appointed with quality finishes throughout, and combining a superb residential craftsmanship with an outstanding design guaranteed to please the most discerning of home builders. The Casa Lagos is a spacious composition over two levels, with bright and airy features designed to incorporate family living.

Step inside the impressive entrance of this home and revel in the feeling of grandeur as you immerse yourself in the contemporary elegance of this outstanding home. The uninhibited open floor plan engenders a sense of freedom and tranquility. The modern kitchen is well appointed with top of the line stainless steel appliances and a convenient island. Adjacent is a two-storey dining room with hypnotic views of the Frigate Bay skyline creating an unforgettable dining ambiance. Regal mahogany French doors with frosted glass lead out to an expansive wrap around veranda that has comfortable wicker seating providing you relaxation, entertainment or romance set against a backdrop of the haunting hills of the South East Peninsula that beckons in the distance. The lavish master bedroom is accompanied by two other bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms on the top floor. All bedrooms are spacious with large windows that offer scenic views of Frigate Bay and allow you to enjoy the soothing cool Caribbean breezes.

To complete this spectacular home is two generously sized well-appointed fully contained suites situated on the bottom floor ideal for stay over guest.

Benefits of Citizenship in St. Kitts

Visa free travel to all EU Schengen countries and many others worldwide or obtain a visa on arrival in 140 countries

  1. No residency or minimum stay requirements
  2. Tax free – no income, inheritance, or wealth tax (low property taxes)
  3. Lifetime citizenship for you and your family members
  4. Citizenship benefits
  5. St. Kitts & Nevis is readily accessible with a number of direct and connecting flights from major cities like London, New York, Miami, Charlotte, Toronto

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As the old adage goes, every day is a school day and the same applies to the world of work. In a fast paced and highly competitive employment scene, it’s important to keep your staff on top of their game as well as incentivizing your business via staff training.

Training is the single most cost effective intervention available to business leaders today. For an organisation to survive in a world of constant change, it needs to be more flexible, fast moving and fast learning. Through training, your staff can adopt these characteristics, enabling them to learn, develop and change. This is both motivational and is a building block to organisational success.

Staff training comes in many different formats and should be moulded to the requirements of your business. Here are four key areas which should be considered for staff training:

  1. Presentation skills: Particularly important for businesses associated with sales, ensuring your staff are confident and articulate at presenting is invaluable. Creating a confidential and comfortable environment where your staff can practice and be constructively critiqued is an important part of the training process.
  2. Telephone manner: From businesses who conduct all of their interactions over the phone to those who simply have a phone line for basic enquiries, telephone manner is highly important. First impressions really do count, so if a potential client or business lead is addressed in a brash and unprofessional manner, this could soon play havoc with your reputation. Ensure all staff members are trained to the company standard when taking telephone enquiries and ensure a consistent standard by having each employee answer the phone with the same greeting.
  3. Time management: From attending meetings on time to not spending too long on one particular task, time management is another form of staff training that ensures maximum productivity as well as good manners!
  4. Self-evaluation & working towards goals: Another key element of staff training should be to foster an environment where continuous improvement and development is the norm. Helping employees develop the skills to set themselves personal goals is a valuable lesson. Furthermore, encouraging constructive self-evaluation ensures that staff are rarely complacent about their input. It’s important to facilitate staffs’ personal evaluation with an area to keep documents and records safe and confidential.

Improve the skills of your work force as well as the productivity of your business via these staff training and development tips today.

Investing, Money

China has become Australia’s biggest source of approved foreign investment for the first time after a $12.4 billion splurge on real estate last financial year.

Chinese investors planned to spend $27.7 billion here according to the Foreign Investment Review Board annual report, issued last Thursday, overtaking United States investors who were approved to spend $17.5 billion.

Investments in real estate accounted for almost half China’s total, with its $12.4 billion approved investment more than twice the amount spent by the Americans on real estate.

The Abbott government has proposed tough new rules on foreign investment in residential property and ordered one Chinese buyer to sell a $40 million mansion that was bought illegally.

The FIRB figures tally approved investment rather than actual investment and may understate US investment due the higher threshold that exists for US investment compared with China under the existing trade rules. While China has topped the US for annual approvals, the US, Great Britain and Japan still have greater accumulated investment in Australia than China.

The statistics did not give a breakdown of the residential investments by country but did reveal the number and value of property transactions almost doubled from 11,668 transaction to 23,054 in 2013-14.

The value of proposed investment in residential real estate increased to $34.7 billion, up from $17.2 billion. Investment in newly developed homes was up 200 per cent to $25.8 billion while investments in existing homes – that can only legally be bought by temporary residents in Australia – was up 32 per cent to $7 billion.

The report showed a substantial increase in the number and value of foreign investors buying existing residential properties, up almost $3 billion. Commercial real estate investment also increased to $39.9 billion from $34.8 billion.


Real Estate Market

Cast your minds back to the start of 2014. There we were, twiddling our thumbs, wondering if the real estate market would ever recover from the GFC and return to those golden years of growth in the early 2000s. None of us could have anticipated the growth we experienced in our capital cities in 2014. But where does this leave us for the rest of 2015 and into 2016?

Capital cities

Let’s begin with Sydney. After a stellar year in 2014 that saw the real estate market rise by 13.9%, Sydney is expected to rise again by another 8% this year.

It’s forecasted that Hobart and Canberra are set for more growth over the next year, with Hobart expected to rise from 2.1% to 4%, and Canberra to scale from 0.9% to 2%.

After seeing great rises in 2014, Melbourne and Brisbane are expected to plateau over the next year at 4% and 6% respectively.

The real surprise

The surprise package that has everyone excited is the upsurge of Darwin. After experiencing a loss in growth in 2014, Darwin went from -2.5% to being expected to grow by as much as 2%. After a really good decade of growth, Darwin has dropped off the top of the list in the past 2 years, and against what some experts had predicted, has re-established itself as one of Australia’s best places to invest in housing.

Real estate market auction clearance rates

Last month, we witnessed an ‘auction frenzy’, as one weekend saw an unbelievable 79% of auctioned properties sold nationally. That is the second highest level in data going back almost seven years. Buyers are seeing no end to these price rises, with the median price for a Sydney house now in excess of $900,000, with Melbourne approaching a median house price of $700,000.

What does all this mean for you?

2014 capped off a year that saw capital city homeowners add an average of 7.9% in value to their properties, and experts are again forecasting more growth.

Prices in our capital cities have more or less doubled in the last 10-12 years, and in particular parts of those metropolitan areas it has gone through the roof. What we all need to figure out for ourselves is not ‘when should I buy or sell’, but rather ‘where’.

Some say that, if you’ve considered selling, there’s never been a better time. And with the national real estate market set for more growth in the up-coming years, cities such as Hobart, Canberra and Darwin have emerged with great opportunities for buyers and sellers alike.

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Shopping app, app, grocery app
Faith Howell iC@bscanner

Caribbean App Developer is to introduce new price comparison grocery shopping app to mobile users in St Kitts and Nevis.

Our mobile phones are great help to us as we use them to help us manage just about everything in our everyday life.  Whether you’re using your flash light app to give you some extra light when reading that interesting Zane novel under the covers or the diet and exercise app that helps you to keep track of the calories you intake and the steps that you make on your daily walks, there is a app for just about everything that you do in your busy life.

Grocery shopping is no different to all these things you do on a daily basis. There are many grocery shopping apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store that help you to put your shopping list together. So what about a shopping app that compares prices for every product on the shelves of all the major supermarkets and grocery stores in St Kitts and Nevis? There will soon be an app for that too.

St Kitts App Developer Faith Howell is currently developing her new app iC@bscanner that will be launched later this year, which creates a new shopping experience for users in St Kitts and Nevis. In a Facebook post  published by Faith on her profile, she said that the purpose of her developing the app is for persons in SKB to have their own personal shopping cart for all the grocery stores and supermarkets in St Kitts and Nevis. iC@bscanner will allow users to scan an item to see the price and also tells you the price that other supermarkets throughout the island are selling it for. It won’t be the first price comparison app on any of the app stores but it will definitely be the first of its kind to target St Kitts – Nevis mobile users. She may even look to expand her app to cater to the rest of the Caribbean islands.

This app may have supermarkets in St Kitts and Nevis pricing the products at a more competitive price. What do you think?

Investing, Money

Academics have long known of dramatic price increases when a company unexpectedly releases news of windfall earnings. These same rising stocks can also collapse on surprise losses.

And like the impetus gained by a moving object these share price movements don’t stop.

They tend to drift upwards or downwards for weeks, months, or years ex-post facto in the U.S. stock market. An important recent article in the Journal of Financial Economics extends this knowledge to international stocks.

A team led by finance professor Brad Barber of U.C. Davis finds that international stocks offer higher returns in months of earnings announcements. Results are thought to be due to high price uncertainty as investors scramble to update valuations.

See Barber, Brad, Emmanuel De George, Reuven Lehavy and Brett Trueman. 2013. The earnings announcement premium around the globe. Journal of Financial Economics 108. 118-138.

Research spanned many countries but was the most significant in the United States, Japan, The United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, South Africa, and Switzerland.

Proven to Beat the Stock Market Averages

These new earnings announcement effects are compared to the three key strategies known to beat the market according to Fama and French (2012).

See Eugene Fama and Ken French. 2012. Size, value and momentum in international stock returns. Journal of Financial Economics 105. 457-472.

Eugene Fama is a finance professor from the Booth School of Business of the University of Chicago. He won the Nobel prize in economics for helping to clarify the Capital Asset Model which he used to prove the existence of the three important anomalies violating market efficiency.

Investors have long known that it is possible to beat the averages buying low capitalization “small” stocks.

This will allow you to beat the market by 1.2% per year. And is roughly equivalent to the dividend yield anomaly documented by finance professor Jeremy Siegel of the Wharton School of Business.

Everybody knows how hard it is to value invest the way Warren Buffet does. He takes huge positions that scare average investors.

Yet Main Street can easily value invest by seeking out cheaply priced stocks with high book value as compared to market capitalization.

This simple “value” strategy yields a much heftier 5.4%.

Yet it is the high priced stocks that keep rising that offer the biggest boost to your returns. “Momentum” is king.

The yield to momentum is the highest at 7.4%.

The 3 Key Ways Main Street 401(k) and Roth IRA Investors Can Beat The Market

The Barber et. al. (2013) study shows buying stocks in the month that firms are scheduled to release earnings beforehand yields nearly return as much as momentum. And the international returns are even higher.


| Anomaly | Abnormal Return |


| Size | 1.2% |


| Book-to-Market | 5.4% |


| Ex Ante Earnings Announcements | 7.2% |


| Momentum | 7.4% |


| Ex Ante International Earnings Announcements | 11.0% |


But is this new earnings anomaly anything that serious investors should pay attention to?

The really big money comes from sitting and doing nothing while riding large positions in long term price movements in uptrend. The problem with this new earnings based investing strategy is that it increases portfolio turnover as compared to long term value and momentum strategies.

And it increases trading frequency.

According to numerous studies increased trading frequency induces higher portfolio turnover and damages returns from high costs. And international stock markets have hidden costs as well as entry and exit trading frictions for U.S. investors that make the strategy even less tenable.

These two studies both reconfirm dominance of a U.S. domestic strategy of employing the power of value and momentum in your portfolio. But what does this say in terms of meaningful numbers for your family?

Professor Ken French reports the average return over the last twelve months on his Dartmouth University Data Library page (Rm-Rf Fama/French Research Factor 1 of 3).

Google Search: “Ken French Data Library” whenever you want to know what the correct market average benchmark is.

The last 12 month average return is currently 11.77% (but it may not be when you read this). This pushes the expected average return for value investors up to 17.2% for the fiscal year.

Top value investors such as Warren Buffet or Mohnish Pabrai can extract even higher returns as a skill premium.

Momentum investors looking back 12 months should be enjoying a 19.2% return. Rethink what you are doing if you are running well below.


| Anomaly | Abnormal Return | Rm-Rf | Total % Return |


| Size | 1.2% | 11.8% | 13.0% |


| Book-to-Market | 5.4% | 11.8% | 17.2% |


| Ex Ante Earnings Announcements | 7.2% | 11.8% | 19.0% |


| Momentum | 7.4% | 11.8% | 19.2% |


| Ex Ante International Earnings Announcements | 11.0% | 11.8% | 22.8% |


If you know these simple numbers you have a very nifty benchmark for your value or momentum returns at any point in time.

This is what Warren Buffet calls your internal scorecard.

The biggest step to building a large stock portfolio is believing. Hopefully these eye popping academic numbers will help.

To do so requires identifying rare situations in the stock market that give you favorable odds. The two key earnings studies above are signposts directing you toward investing in domestic U.S. value and momentum stocks for above average single stock investing returns.

Your odds are there.

-Dr. Scott Brown

Associate Professor of Finance of the AACSB Accredited Graduate School of Business of the University of Puerto Rico

P.S. If you are a serious stock investor make sure you read the follow up 401(k) and Roth IRA goal setting post to this article on my blog HERE. You will gain further insight into safely tapping into momentum and value.

P.P.S. Fraud in the stock market has been around hundreds of years. Here is an interesting look at stock market history HERE.

project development

Despite similarly sounding names, there are huge differences between project and product development. These two concepts are often confused with one another that sometimes even experienced people in the field find it difficult to tell the difference. So, if you plan on hiring a developer for product or project development, it is imperative for you to conceptualize the difference between the two.

This is mainly because the process of selecting the right IT Company during development is of great importance. Therefore, if you make a mistake and hire the wrong company, it will directly result in the wastage of your efforts, time and money. That’s why in today’s article, you will learn more about the main differences between project and product development.

Project Development

The process of project development is usually carried out by a professional project manager who works closely with a product manager to create a successful product. However, please note that project managers are not a part of development process, but they are involved in the pre-development process. In simpler words, a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique service or process that is developed by an organization for its own operational requirements.

Therefore, the process has nothing to do with product development, despite the fact it provides valuable information on what type of product has to be created. Additionally, a project is developed only for handling specific applications of an organization where look and feel of a product doesn’t matter, just the idea does. It is when a company wants to optimize its processes, but doesn’t want to waste money on purchase a ready-made tool that may or may not meet the exact requirements.

Product Development

Product development, also known as the ‘Stage-Gate’ process is when a product manager collaborates with other teams in order to ‘develop’ new innovations. Developing a product means creating something that a company intends to sell and generate revenues afterwards. It is strictly related to business and focuses on a wide range of consumer needs, wants and requirements. In fact, it has a whole life-cycle consisting of multiple stages.

The process begins right from the very conceptualization of the idea to developing all the architecture, drawings, designs of the products and then converting them into real, workable and sellable products. However, developing a product requires strong support and the assistance of professional product designers and industrial designers. Regardless, the entire process is carried out to develop a product with the intention of selling it in the marketplace to represent the image of a company.

Project Development vs. Product Development

  • In project development, less maintenance is required, but product development requires high maintenance, strong support, and good financial resources.
  • The development of a project requires long term testing, whereas project development involves limited tested.
  • In project development, features and requirements are important, but the feel and look don’t carry much significance. However, product development is all about the look, feel and user-experience of a product.
  • Product development is for selling and revenue generation where as project development is for a company’s own operational requirements.
  • Product development is an ongoing investment that involves adding new features, but project development is only a onetime investment.

So, now that you are familiar with the factors mentioned above, determining the difference between project and product development won’t be a problem.