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Google Maps Makes Its Way Into Connected Car Platforms

English: Wordmark of Google Maps

English: Wordmark of Google Maps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The modern smartphone has done a really good job of changing the way we do just about anything, and it’s pretty hard to believe that this has happened within less than a ten-year period of time. Android may have been around prior to the introduction of the very first iPhone, but it wasn’t until tech giant Apple unveiled the very first iteration of one of its most successful projects that the world would come to know the modern smartphone as it exists today. The iOS mobile operating system and the breathtaking iPhone unit that it came on were both a hit and served to revolutionize the way we interact with our phones. Now, we no longer use a mobile device to simply make phone calls. The modern smartphone has gotten to the point where it is more of a computer that just so happens to make phone calls. The results, as any tech enthusiast can tell you, have been exciting. No matter what it is you’re trying to do, the modern smartphone, be it iOS- or Android-based, can give you a way to do it better and/or more efficiently. Smartphones and the degree of functionality to which they’ve introduced us are among the most important technological developments within the last several years. What’s interesting is that the idea of the smartphone seems to be spreading.

For a while now, “smart TVs” have been available for purchase that can connect to the Internet on their own, and feature built-in applications like Netflix or Facebook. “Smart homes” can allow homeowners to control things like temperature from a remote location. And “smart cars” have even been released that feature applications and other software additions to help make the driver’s life easier. While the modern smartphone user has come to rely upon the excellent coverage provided by Google Maps for a lot of things, it’s still going to be a while before cars can simply feature the popular application right there on the dashboards.

While this might be the case, however, more and more auto manufacturers are working their way towards featuring the popular Google product within their cabins. Companies like Kia and Hyundai will be partnering up with Google to develop ways that drivers can send Google Maps information from their phones directly to their cars’ built-in navigational systems. Of course, it’s important that drivers not look away from the road, lest those auto insurance quotes be negatively impacted. For the careful driver, however, the ability to do something like access Google Maps while in the car will only be helpful. Soon enough it’s likely that a driver will be able to simply press a button and pull up Google Maps right there on the automobile’s dashboard. For now, however, Kia and Hyundai drivers will get to enjoy a much easier time getting around with the help of Google Maps. Google, on the other hand, will enjoy this bit of progress and will no doubt continue to work towards positioning its products on the dashboard monitor of just about every new car available.