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Quickest Way to Lower Cholesterol Naturally – A Simple 6 Step Plan

There is no shortage of reasons why a person might want to discover the quickest way to lower cholesterol naturally. A few of these might be aches and pains caused by prescription statin medications, the fear of rhabdomyolysis, a personal belief in natural remedies, or the realization that their cholesterol has slowly be creeping up and something needs to be done sooner rather than later.

Whatever the reason I am glad you are here and hopefully this article will provide you with information on which to build a solid foundation to make high cholesterol a thing of the past.

The quickest way to lower cholesterol naturally will require a little bit of planning and a lot of determination. You should also be aware that if you are one of the 5 percent of people who are struggling with conditions which cause extremely high cholesterol levels, such as hyperlipidemia, you should consult your doctor before giving this natural cholesterol reducing plan a try.

So if you have a few minutes to spare why don’t we get down to business in our quest to find the quickest way to lower cholesterol naturally.

First determine what your goal should be. There are many risk factors when it comes to high cholesterol such as inactivity, obesity, smoking, high blood pressure, and diabetes. According to cardiologist James Beckerman if you fall into a high risk category most doctors will target a LDL cholesterol level of 70, moderate risk equates to about 120, and for those in a low risk category around 150 or so. Generally speaking for most people a goal of reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) below 120 ml/dl of blood is lofty, but achievable.

From my point of view as an independent researcher an LDL reading of 70 seems very low, and while it may be conventional wisdom I would definitely get a second opinion before taking steps to drive cholesterol levels down to these levels especially since the AMA recommends an LDL reading of 90 or less for those with 2 or more risk factors.

Additionally, if your doctor confirms that an LDL reading of 70 is what he is looking for you should known that it will be next to impossible to accomplish this through natural means and likely this recommendation will be accompanied by a prescription for Lipitor, Crestor, or another statin medication.

Second, reduce saturated fat and cholesterol. To reverse high cholesterol saturated fat levels will need to held under 10 percent of total calories with 7 percent being the target level. Cholesterol should not exceed 25 percent of total calories consumed.

Third is to eat more fiber. Soluble fiber is one of the secret weapons in your arsenal against high cholesterol. The reason is that soluble fiber sops-up cholesterol as it passes through the digestive tract. Good sources of soluble fiber are oats, barley, flax, as well as fiber products containing psyllium.

Fourth is to eat more fish. Fish and fish oil is loaded with cholesterol-lowering omega 3 fatty acids. Fish oil supplements can have a dramatic effect on cholesterol and triglycerides according to Dr. James Beckerman, MD, and points out there is lot of scientific evidence to support this view.

Fifth is stay active. Thirty minutes of daily doctor approved exercise should be a part of any serious cholesterol reducing plan. Moderate daily exercise (hiking, dancing, walking, biking, etc…) all have been shown to reduce bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol (HDL) levels.

Our sixth and final step for finding the quickest way to lower cholesterol naturally is to implement a natural cholesterol reducing supplement containing policosanol, lecithin oil, and plant stanols and sterols. The one I use containing these three ingredients is made by X-Tend Life but there are probably a few others as well.

In conclusion when it comes to finding the quickest way to lower cholesterol naturally it is not one step but a combination of heart healthy choices that will be needed to get the job done.

Additional suggestions include not smoking and staying away from secondhand smoke, reducing stress levels, substituting green tea for sodas and sugary beverages, taking a daily vitamin B supplement to keep dangerous homocysteines at bay, and drinking about 4 ounces of resveratrol rich grape juice (low sugar variety) each day.

Rob D. Hawkins is an enthusiastic consumer advocate for natural health and natural living with over 10 years experience in the field. To discover more about cholesterol along with information about a safe and effective all natural cholesterol supplement containing phytosterols and policosanol Click Here