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Priscilla Chan Makes Facebook Better

Facebook HomepageNow known as Mrs Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan is making news with her recent nuptials to the multi-billionaire Facebook co-founder. Chan, who met Zuckerberg when they both studied at Harvard, is a recent University of California graduate in Paediatrics and a woman set to make a difference in the lives of many little ones who desperately need help.

Priscilla Chan

The lady is a walking brain and it seems that she is going to be teaching Mark Zuckerberg a thing or two about the way the world works. It is not all about money and Priscilla’s charm, preference for the simple life and marriage to the 37th richest man in the world means that this medical graduate is in the perfect position to make a massive difference in the lives of the children she has taken an oath to try to heal and save.

The lovebirds met as undergraduates at Harvard. Priscilla, as a passing friend to Zuckerberg, was asked by Mark if she would like a job at Facebook. Clearly this small business was still in the offing stage and Chan accepted. As it turns out she did not work at Facebook – perhaps studying took preference but many years down the line Chan and Mark finally tied the knot. As much as Mark is part of the brain behind the social network it is becoming obvious that Priscilla is going to be a great influence on the way Facebook works with the world.

Zuckerberg recently created an organ donation page on the network. This was Priscilla Chan’s initiative considering her work with children and trying to always find ways to save kids who desperately need transplants. This is definitely one of the better Facebook moves that have been made in many years and it is hugely supported by the masses.

Not only has Priscilla Chan started to make a difference in world of Facebook be encouraging its positive actions but the linguist – she speaks Spanish, English and Cantonese – makes Mark a better person. He has tried to master the art of Chinese and managed to learn enough to be able to communicate with Priscilla’s grandmother on their recent trip to the east. The woman walks her own path.

The 2007 Biology graduate decided on the University of California to get her degree in Paediatrics after graduating from Harvard. Her Facebook status has always belies her enjoyment of the simple things in life and it seems that Mark clearly found himself a winner. He found a woman who does not need bling or facelifts to keep her happy and would prefer to give of herself to make the lives of children much better. Forget Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Priscilla Chan is more than all that and a bag of chips.

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