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The Benefits Of Learning Spanish.

Today’s technologies allow people to communicate freely avoiding time and space differences. However, paradoxically enough, a spoken language still remains an unconquered realm as nothing can replace the quality of conversation where an interpreter is not needed, when a group of people speaks the same language.

The dominant communication tongue is still English, but with new markets emerging, it is no wonder that Spanish has become the second language in-demand in the US and many European countries.

Take Latin America, for example. Countries like Panama, Chile and Peru have been enjoying slow but steady economic growth (resource). The Spanish-speaking countries of South America are going through positive times in terms of lower inflation, higher employment rate and a thriving middle class – a fact that has a straightforward impact on the business world. The Caribbean fit in the example too, promising economic development in the same matter. Growing economy in these regions attracts businessmen and investors from all around the globe. Eventually, business success can be measured by effective mutual understanding on the personal level. And here is where a language barrier can become a hindrance and prevent people of different cultures and backgrounds from finding a common ground.

Whether you are a student, an employee or a CEO – it always makes sense to think one step ahead. Why Spanish? Besides being the world’s second most spoken language, Spanish today, is an internationally used business and communication tool. Considering that there are over approximately 500 million speakers in seventy countries around the globe knowing Spanish can be a powerful strategy to enhance one’s professional career.

For those who live or plan to move to Spain or even South America, learning Spanish would be the most practical option. It is also the second most spoken tongue in the U.S.A and the dominant language of the population along the U.S.-Mexico border, South Florida and Puerto Rico. It is the way of communication for most of the US bordering countries in the Western Hemisphere. There is no doubt that, career-wise, Spanish makes the best choice of a second language to learn. For North American companies’ employees it definitely opens promotion opportunities and improves employment potential.


When thinking in terms of business travel, Spanish can be put one step after English due to its popularity and usefulness around the world. Being able to communicate without the help of a translator provides immense value in personal or business spheres.

Another advantage for learning Spanish as a second language is, that its grammar and language structure are quite similar to those of Italian,


French, Portuguese and Romanian – all deriving from the same Latin language family (also known as Romance languages). So, basically, for anyone who knows Spanish, learning these popular European languages should not be a problem. Also, since both Spanish and English have many words of Latin origin, learning Spanish will help a native English speaker broaden their own vocabulary.

Language is not only about words – it is a traditional and cultural awareness. A worker who is fluent in a widely popular language, such as Spanish, is a big bonus to the company and eventually to the employee himself, who gets a better pay and a higher potential for future growth. Being bilingual opens many doors in business and trade fields. An employee that has an extra language to offer is a valuable asset for any international company.

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