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Can’t-Miss Destinations for Your Rome Vacation!

Vacations are definitely high on my list of priorities. After months of working tirelessly, vacations allow me to recharge and feel refreshed as I prepare to go back to work. When it comes to my bucket list of places to visit, Rome is definitely on the top of it. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway for two or if you would like to explore the city on your own, there are a lot of things to do and places to visit here.

Must-Visit Attractions for Your Rome Vacation

Romantic or not, Rome is bound to be on top of your must-visit places in the world. A Rome vacation will allow you to explore the Eternal City which has thousands of years of history behind it. Whether you’re into historical ruins or if you love mingling with the locals to experience what the local culture is about, Rome is definitely the place to be. To give you a head start when it comes to the must-visit locations in Rome, here is a quick list:

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  • The Colosseum.

Any Rome vacation will never be complete without visiting the Colosseum. When a movie is shot in Rome, it usually comes with a scene at the Colosseum which is one of the most significant landmarks in the city. It is one of the oldest architectural structures in the world, which is almost a couple of thousand years old. Home to the gladiators back in the days, today millions of tourists from around the world flock to Rome just so that they can see the Colosseum.

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  • The Pantheon.

The Pantheon is one of the best-restored buildings from the Ancient Rome period. Known as the Temple of the Gods, the Pantheon was originally built in 120 A.D. If you would like to have that feeling of travelling back in time, this should definitely be included in your travel itinerary. If you would like to go souvenir shopping afterwards, you can definitely do so in the shops near the Pantheon.

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  • St. Peter’s Basilica.

A popular pilgrimage site among Roman Catholics, the basilica is where St. Peter was buried. It’s also where you can see the works of Michelangelo, Maderno and other famous artists. The basilica is an architectural masterpiece by itself, making it one of the must-visit spots in Rome.

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  • The Vatican Museum.

The Vatican Museum is where the Sistine Chapel is located. It is full of historical artefacts and you will learn a lot and get in touch with your spirituality at the same time by visiting the Vatican Museum.

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  • The Roman Forum.

Finally, there are the Roman Forum ruins which would give you a feeling of travelling back in time. As long as you include these five must-visit sites in your itinerary, you should be able to enjoy your Rome vacation to the hilt. It’s one of the most beautiful, historical and amazing cities in the world. Travelling to this part of Italy will be a memory that you’ll treasure forever, and you might even immediately plan a return visit!

Dont think that you have to spend a fortune getting to Rome, you can always use a bus (in Danish the term is Busrejser Italien). For more information about and travel tips for Rome, visit my travel blog Channel Voyager.