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16 dead in St. Lucia bus accident

16 dead in St. Lucia bus accidentOn Thursday 12th November 2011 a bus carrying people from a funeral plunged off a cliff into the ocean in St. Lucia. The bus driver, 47 year old Michael Alexander apparently missed a turn and plunged 50 feet down a cliff according to Chief Officer, Lambert Charles. An infant and a pregnant woman was also killed.

There was a young girl who was found alive in the debris but subsequently died on her way to the hospital Charles also reported. A 17th person is reported missing as well and is currently being searched for. Police are still investigating what caused this accident that has shocked the people of St. Lucia.

All of the people who died were from the same community of Dugard, Fond-Lor which is in the village of Micoud. The people of the community held an overnight candle vigil for those killed in the accident. Another resident of the community, Lorena William said that her cousin were one who dies.

William also said that the driver’s three children and girlfriend, two twin boys and a family of five were all on the bus.