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Emission-Free Pope Goes Green With Electric Car

One of the things that has set the current Pope of the Catholic Church apart from his many, many predecessors is his concern with environmental issues. As this cause becomes more and more popular among the population of the earth at large, Pope Benedict has established himself as one of the very first holders of the Papal Office to extensively concern himself with environmentalist issues and making sure to maintain a positive effect on the planet and its ecosystem.

Recently, these efforts were brought one step further. At 85 years old, Pope Benedict may be one of the most technologically forward-thinking Popes in history, as he has just been given a brand new, customized electric car. This new gift allows Pope Benedict to seriously lessen his environmental footprint, and serves as a fantastic point of influence for other leaders and members of the upper class.

His example will hopefully serve as an attractive one — certainly many dignitaries, heads of state, and other important figures could afford to be purchasing and driving automobiles whose impact on the environment is less severe than many of the mainstream alternatives.

The electric car, a Renault Kangoo that has been given to the Pope as a gift, is not actually the official PopeMobile, which is a special customized automobile that’s manufactured exclusively by Mercedes Benz. While they’re hard at work developing their own environmentally-friendly solution, it should be noted that the Pope’s Kangoo does not feature many of the custom security options that the PopeMobile boasts.

You won’t find any bulletproof glass on Pope Benedict’s Kangoo, as it’s typically used for getting around Castel Gandolfo (the Pope’s summer living place), and won’t typically be leaving the Vatican.

This positive step towards environmental friendliness is not the first the Vatican has taken. Since Pope Benedict has been elected to office, the Vatican has employed a variety of eco-friendly practices. Their auditorium now makes use of solar panels for energy, and the Vatican also participates in a reforestation effort that they might offset their carbon footprint.

Many environmentalists are very pleased to see such an influential leader encouraging his followers to observe his example and take good care of our environment. Especially in a world where those in power seem less and less concerned with what’s best for everyone, many can find it comforting to know that there are still those who care deeply about the earth and its natural resources.

You can find your own ways to go green around the house, too. While not all of us can afford our own electric car, there are many ways to help protect the environment, and the Internet is full of free resources that will help you find the information you need. Whether you’re looking for compare cheap insurance rates online or environmentally-friendly transportation tips, there is always a way to do something better. With the Pope setting such a great example, hopefully we’ll all be able to improve the impact our transportation has on the rest of the world.