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$100 Discount For US Customers For The HTC One

images (1)The mobile phone business is currently abuzz with excitement for the recently unveiled HTC One. The device is the latest Android flagship from the Taiwan based manufacturer, and after months of speculation and rumours about the device, initial reception has been very good, so the phone certainly appears to have lived up to expectations.

After the HTC Legend which was launched back in 2010, the HTC One is the only device from the manufacturer with an aluminium unibody design and construction. Because of this, the phone boasts head turning looks, while also being well built and durable. Black and silver options of the phone are available for pre-order, and there is apparently also a red version, although this is yet to appear in any photos or videos online. Aside from its appealing design, the HTC One comes with all manner of high end features. For example, it has the highest pixel density of any mobile phone to date, thanks to a 1080p resolution within its 4.7 inch LCD3 touchscreen. The phone includes a 4 Ultra Pixel camera, 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, Android Jellybean OS and the latest version of HTC Sense.

Although the phone was only announced a few days ago, it looks as if HTC is keen to sell the phone quickly, as the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 are due to be launched shortly, and will no doubt be a massive competitor to rival smartphone models. Network providers from over 60 countries have already confirmed that they will carry the phone, with virtually every major network provider set to offer pay monthly contracts. Visit our website for more information on the HTC One and comapre HTC One contract offers.

In the United States, HTC has offered an incentive to those who will purchase the HTC One over rival phone models, with an offer of a $100 discount if they send in their old mobile not later than April 30th. This offer benefits those who are able to purchase and activate their HTC One before March 31st, and be able to give in their phone alongside the receipt for the HTC One. This strategy is likely to give the HTC One and edge over the competition, so we are likely to see strong early sales. Details at HTC Source.

Unfortunately, we do not have any information of such a deal here in the UK. We will of course keep you posted if this changes, but in the meantime the device is currently available for pre-order, with all major UK networks signed up to carry the device when it launches.