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100 Million Galaxy S devices sold by Samsung

Samsung (Korea’s Tech Giant) said last Monday that their Galaxy S global sales surpassed the 100 Million mark units sold since the first Galaxy model came out almost 3 years ago. 2013-01-12T032527Z_1_CBRE90B09IX00_RTROPTP_2_CES

The Korean tech giant said that they have sold over 25 Million Samsung Galaxy S units, over 40 Million Samsung Galaxy S2 units, and over 41 Million Samsung Galaxy S3 units.

Samsung released their first Galaxy S model back in May of 2010. This was their bet to finally keep up with Apple (who was then reshaping the market with their famous iPhone brand). As we all witnessed it, the Korean tech giant was too quick to narrow down the gap with Apple and other bigger smartphone makers.

Research Firm HIS iSuppli said last month that the Korean tech giant has beaten Nokia in the mobile phone sales and Apple in the smartphone sales last year.

Apple’s iPhone sales are reported to have hit the 100 Million mark back in March 2011. This also happened nearly four years ago after the iPhone landed in the market in 2007.

Analysts are expecting Samsung to announce their 4th sequel to their famous Galaxy S line, the Samsung Galaxy S4 before summer. A lot of them are also expecting the Korean Tech giant to introduce the new device this February during the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona Spain.

Many analysts are also expecting Apple to come out with the successor of the iPhone 5. Yes, recently, we have been hearing about a smaller and cheaper iPhone from Apple. Sadly, Apple’s spokesperson said that this is not going to happen.

Now, let’s just all wait and see what happens next.

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