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35 Million iPhone 5 Handsets Sold In Q4 2012

apple-iphone-5-review-0585_610x407After its launch back in September 2012, the Apple iPhone 5 was subject to criticism from consumers and critics on account of several problems with the phone’s hardware and software features, while many consumers were also disappointed with the apparent lack of innovation over the previous iPhone 4S model. However, according to an article at GSM Arena, sales of the iPhone 5 appear not to have been affected too badly, with Apple enjoying a profitable Q4.


When the iPhone 5 was first launched, it instantly saw commercial success, with all two million pre-order allocated handsets selling out in a matter of hours, and following this a further five million handsets were sold during its first weekend on the market.


Sales data for the iPhone 5 and the two previous models have been released by an analyst, and is detailed over at GSM Arena. It shows that throughout the final three month period last year, Apple sold a total of 52 million iPhones. Of these, 35 million were the latest iPhone 5 in its various storage variants. Apple also continues to see strong sales of its previous iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 models, with 9.5 million and 7.3 million sales of these models respectively in the same time period. Stay up to date with the latest iPhone 5 news on our website, where you can also find the best deals on the iPhone 5.


This shows an increase of 91% in sales of iPhone models from Q3 2012. Obviously, because the iPhone 5 was launched in September, along with unusually high seasonal demand, this somewhat accounted for the increase in sales throughout Q4. Of course, Apple has also seen success with a range of its other products during the same time period, with the iPad and iPod models continuing to dominate their respective niches.


Although there has been plenty of criticism about some of the features of the iPhone 5, it appears that sales have not been affected too badly overall.


With an iPhone 5S reportedly set to launch at some point in summer, it looks as if the Apple is set for a very profitable 2013. Once more information about the iPhone 5S becomes available, we will of course keep you updated as usual.