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64 Bit Processor Destined For The Next Generation iPhone

Even though the release of the iPhone 5 was not that far back we are already starting to hear rumours about the next generation in the form of the iPhone 5S. Although we will not see an official launch until 2013 we are already starting to see information on features that the new device may sport.

We are now aware that the trial production of the new iPhone 5S from Apple may begin as soon as December which will give the company time to rectify any problems ahead of it’s official launch date. The most recent rumours relate to the processor chip which this new device will sport. It looks as though the iPhone 5S will offer a true 64Bit processing chip under the guise of the A7 processor. As we already know that Apple are busy working on producing a 64Bit chip and as all of the latest new iPhones have featured brand new processors this means that these reports do seem possible. The great new iPhone 5 released this year debuted the A6 chip and the iPhone 4S incorporated a new A5 chip when the device was launched back in 2011. Work is expected to be completed in the second half of 2013 on the new chipset which means that this would fall in line with Apples normal launch date of the third quarter for a new device release. For more
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It could be that we see the next generation iPhone earlier than normal however a third quarter release date does seem to be more likely. Tests are soon to begin on trial devices which has many people thinking that the launch could be just around the corner. In fact the reason for these early tests is to avoid any problems ahead of the official launch. Apple do not want to have the same issues that they faced with the iPhone 5. Problems with the quality control of the new iPhone 5 meant that manufacturers faced delays in shipments which in turn effected sales. Apple are doing everything possible to avoid this happening again. Look at fantastic iPhone 5 deals here

We can expect to see a new chip on the next generation of the iPhone which is expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2013.