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7 Promising Recently Introduced Technologies

We offer you an overview of the 7 most interesting and promising technologies which have been recently introduced. New software and electronic solutions, systems and design which sometimes are difficult to believe in.

The authors of the Phonebloks initiative expressed distrust to the manufacturers of advanced mobile devices and accused them of super profits because users are not given an opportunity to configure the hardware of smartphones. The Phonebloks initiative offers to switch to block construction of mobile phones and people will be able determine what features are most important to them: the amount of memory capacity, a bright display with a higher resolution, a camera with powerful optics and a sensitive sensor or a battery of very large capacity.

Nissan has unveiled a concept Nismo car smart watches, they are designed specifically for drivers of civilian vehicles or race cars drivers. The key indicators of the car are displayed on the small screen, the system continuously monitors and analyses the data. The information collected is accurately recorded and can be exported to a social network.

Apple has made ​​a small breakthrough, switching to the mobile processor with 64-bit architecture and the corresponding software platform. Of course, the other major players have nothing  to respond to such innovation, and Samsung has announced that it will soon release a 64- bit version of its Exynos mobile platform. But Android has nothing really to change and does not have to, this system is based on the Linux kernel, which natively supports 64- bit processors and software.

Nokia has seriously thought about the security of data on mobile devices. The Finnish company believes that traditional encryption methods are not good enough to ensure complete protection of users’ data. Nokia sees the problem’s solution in such technology as quantum cryptography. A fundamental research project in collaboration with scientists from the University of Bristol  (UK) is already launched. The engineers will work hard to reduce the cost of quantum cryptographic systems and to make them ready to enter the market of mobile gadgets.

The Singulus company from German has announced its intention to develop an updated version of Blu-ray with 100 GB capacity. The technology of laser drives  doesn’t develop as quickly as it used to, because it is considered less promising in comparison with hard drives and flash memory. However, the technology of high-definition home video is being actively developed, and a movie in the Ultra HD format soon will have to be released, and such drives will be on demand.

In September HDMI 2.0 standard was quietly approved. Developers were able to increase the width of the channel in the second HDMI version to 18 Gbit /s, this is more than enough to solve all the problems existing today. The interface allows you to transfer videos of ultra-high resolution (4K or Ultra HD, ie 3840×2160 pixels) at 60 frames per second. HD-equipment manufacturers are already interested in HDMI 2.0, the first products arrive on the market in the near future.

Samsung improved the quality of sensors on mobile camera, isolating pixels of each other. This dramatically increased the dynamic range of the image. The technology is called ISOCELL, the Korean manufacturer has promised to show it in action in one of the incoming premium models.