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A man from South Korea suffered from second-degree burn

A man from South Korea suffered from second-degree burns caused by his Samsung smartphone battery. 3-7v-1500mah-rechargeable-lithium-ion-battery-for-samsung-galaxy-note-i9220_gtslpa1344563021360

According to a local newspaper, the battery involved belongs to Samsung’s Galaxy Note (released last 2011). It is also reported that the batter exploded inside the man’s pants pocket last weekend.

The still unnamed man suffered from second-degree burns and wounded about an inch of his thigh part. Local officials also confirmed that the battery belongs to a Samsung branded smartphone, but they also added that the battery was not inside the unit at the time of the fire.

Yes, this is not the first known case in which a lithium-ion battery has caught fire. In fact, this is the second time where a Samsung branded smartphone caught fire in South Korea (alone).

Also, as evidenced by an explosion of the Samsung Galaxy S3 while the phone’s user was inside his car in Ireland, and this happened last summer only.

It is also rare to have a li-ion battery explode just like that. But if and when such incident happens, it leads to shortages in devices, recalls, and sometimes even deaths.

Things like these are not limited to a user’s pocket. Now, a recently grounded Boeing 787 was said to have caught fire due to its lithium-ion batteries. This report is according to the National Transportation Safety Board. So in short, this incident could happen to anyone and any li-ion battery operated device or even big transportation like a Boeing 787.

Now, there is still no official report as to what happened to the South Korean man after the reported incident. Samsung is also quiet about this incident.

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