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An Adaptor Will Be Required To Use The iPhone 5 With Existing Accessories

Last week, Apple unveiled its latest iPhone, the iPhone 5.  As expected by many people, this quickly went on to become the fastest selling iPhone model to date, with all two million of its pre-order units selling within the first hour of availability.  A few days later, the iPhone hit stores to the familiar sight of lines of eager Apple fans waiting to get their hands on the device.  While the device of course has many talked about features, one of the most controversial is its new lightning connector.


This is the first time that the connector has been changed on a portable Apple product since 2003, replacing the one that we are familiar with on existing iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models.  The new lightning connector is 80% smaller and all digital, meaning that it is more efficient for the device it is being used for.  The reason is so controversial is that it replaces all existing accessories for the aforementioned products.  These include docks, chargers and speakers systems.  If people wish to use their accessories for with the iPhone 5, they will have to purchase an adaptor.  If you wish to use an existing iPhone dock for example, you will have to use an adaptor which means that the iPhone 5 will not be able to physically be docked in the same fashion as it would with previous iPhone models.


Obviously, accessory manufacturers will benefit suiting from this, given the popularity of the iPhone 5.  Therefore, it will not be long before we see the market flooded with all kinds of accessories, ranging from budget ones to high-end products.


The lightning connector is also used on the latest iPod Nano and iPod Touch models, and we can expect it to be phased in which all future portable Apple products, and is sure to stick around for the foreseeable future.

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