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Allshare Brings DLNA to the Samsung Galaxy S2

Pink Samsung Galaxy S2

Pink Samsung Galaxy S2

Allshare brings DLNA to the Samsung Galaxy S2 among its many other connectivity features and its many other features full stop. This impressive looking handset provides a dual application processor also to ensure that everything runs like clockwork and that you can run multiple apps seamlessly.

With the main 8 megapixel camera on this phone you can instantly capture photos and create stunning High Definition videos in the top 1080 pixel quality no less. Once you have created your multimedia you can share it easily through the Bluetooth 3.0 wireless file sharing or the USB 2.0 wired file sharing respectively. Alternatively use the integrated social networks such as Facebook and Twitter within the Social Hub of the device to allow friends and family to see what you have to share. If its not possible for you to wait that long or you simply want to see it all on a bigger display hopefully also packing 1080p HD quality, the Allshare feature is perfect. This uses the DLNA technology for multimedia sharing between devices to synchronise the handset with an HD television or computer display and allow everyone to enjoy an HD video clip in HD and on an appropriate screen. This is a new and upcoming feature which is also on other handsets and has featured in the Samsung Galaxy S3 news.

This new connectivity does not render the large 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus display of the Galaxy S2 useless though. When you are out and about you will still want to watch your video clips and downloaded movies in the best possible quality and thanks to the impressive display with superior colour and ultrafast response times this is perfectly possible to do. Meanwhile the enhanced readability of the display also makes it perfect for reading on, whether it be on the Web browser which is very much like viewing webpages on a PC, or whether its reading downloaded ebooks within the Readers Hub. This already loaded area enables you to not only download from over 2 million book titles but a vast range of magazines and newspapers too, and not just in English. The Music Hub and Games Hub are each just the same ensuring that wherever you go you can keep yourself or others entertained with this handset.

With so much to do and see all on the same device it is no wonder that the Samsung Galaxy S2 features have led it to become among the best phones to have. The cameras and Android 2.3 all add further to its many offerings.