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Amazon now most trusted company in the US – beats Apple

iPhone and iPad maker Apple was at the head of the pack as the most trusted company in the US last year. This year, however, it is now at 2nd place, replaced by Amazon. This is according to the 2013 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient, involving 14,000 people.105829-1280

Among the list of companies, Microsoft is at 15th place. Facebook also made it to the list for the first time. The most popular social network in the world landed at 42nd place.

In an interview with Yahoo! Finance, Robert Fronk of Harris Interactive said that Apple’s stock price fall is the reason behind its decreasing reputation.

He said, “For a number of years, [Apple’s] reputation was driven by their innovation, their products and services almost being ahead of their time and almost driving the market. Now, actually, financial performance is a dominant driver of their reputation and of course financial performance can be somewhat out of your control, as they’re finding.”

The rise in Amazon’s reputation is due to its products and services. However, the way it takes care of its customer’s data is another. Fork said, “They use that information to create the right level of intimacy with you, but without going over that fine line of being intrusive. Perceptions are that they’re not giving that information to anyone else to monetize it.”

If you remember, Apple was in the hot seat for privacy issues.

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