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Android 4.1.2. (Jelly Bean) OS update for the Samsung Galaxy Note

If you love your Samsung Galaxy Note and you don’t have any plans of changing it in the near future, then I bring you nothing but good news. Why? Well, for one the new Jelly Bean test firmware (also known as Android 4.1.2) for the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 has already surfaced and it appears that it is close to its final build stages. This is also said to be the very first of its kind. Now, that makes you and your Galaxy Note kind of special. Don’t you think?

However, before you start jumping up and down, please note that the official Android 4.1.2 Over the Air update seems to be further away as we all initially expected. The leaked build appears to be very solid and according to the developers there were no major bugs found or reported about it (for now). But, there is still a number of missing new features in the likes of S-Pen improvements found on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. In other words, this build is said to be stable and looking almost complete. Yes, the Over The Air release of the Android 4.1.2 is said to benefit more with new and a couple of extra goodies.

It only means that Samsung might launch this update to the masses sometime this month of January. This is despite the fact earlier reports made by Samsung Sweden have suggested that we will be seeing this update just in time for the holidays.

Once you have this new OS update on your Galaxy Note, you can expect noticeable increase on it’s overall performance and stability. You will also enjoy a couple of features found on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (i.e. Multi-Window view feature, Page Buddy, customizable Notification Panel, Samsung Cloud services, Smart Rotation, Direct Call, Smart Stay, Pop-up Play, and more).

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