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Apple Files Stylus Patents, Rumoured For The iPhone 6

images (3)Ever since the Apple iPhone 5 was released back in September, there have been plenty of rumours and widespread speculation around the internet regarding the next instalment of Apple’s iconic smartphone line.


Currently, rumours circulating around the internet are suggesting that an upgraded version called the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 will be launched, while others believe that Apple is working on an iPhone Mini, or even and iWatch device.


At this point, these rumours are nothing more than speculation as Apple is yet to officially announce any of these products. Of course, Apple will be hard at work developing its latest devices behind the scenes, but despite the lack of official information from the California based manufacturer, there are dozens of rumours on the internet regarding potential features of its upcoming phones. One such rumour has recently been reported by GSM Arena, suggesting that the Apple iPhone 6 may even include a stylus pen. Visit our website for more news on the iPhone 6 and price comparison of iPhone 5 contracts.


This rumour makes sense for a couple of reasons. Of course, Apple is well known for its high profile legal battle with Samsung, which continues to dominate virtually unchallenged in the phablet niche on account of its Galaxy Note products, of which the S-Pen stylus is a trademark feature. By launching a bigger screened iPhone with a stylus pen, this would provide a real rival to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. GSM Arena suggests that if Apple was to include a stylus with its next iPhone, it would likely sport higher levels of functionality than that of the Galaxy Note 2, as suggested features include a mini bar code scanner, password protection and motion gesture functions.


It was also recently revealed that Apple has filed three separate patent claims for stylus technology. While this could point to Apple including a stylus pen in an upcoming device, it may simply be a strategic move by the company in its ongoing legal battles with its South Korean rival.


We will keep you updated with all the latest rumours and developments regarding the iPhone 6 and other future products from Apple. In the meantime, feel free to leave your opinions on whether or not Apple should include a stylus pen on the next iPhone.