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Apple In Discussions With Intel Regarding Processing Chips For The iPhone 5S

This year we are expecting to see a number of new products arrive from Apple and these are set to include the new iPhone 5S and the next generation iPad tablet. We are already hearing various rumours relating to such models and the latest to emerge suggests that Apple may be including brand new processing chips on their forthcoming devices.iphone 5s

It has emerged that Apple are currently in discussions with Intel, one of the best known processor manufacturers in the world, about using their processing chips in future products that they are set to develop including the iPhone 5S. The news comes from Reuters news agency who have reported that discussions between the two massive companies have been taking place over the past year although as yet no conclusion has been reached. Over recent months it has emerged that Intel are looking to increase the number of manufacturers who they have contracts with and Apple is perhaps the biggest name of all that they could add to the list. For more
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If an agreement can be reached between the two companies then there are two ways that the partnership will work. It could see Intel developing new chips based on the ARM architecture currently used by Apple products although this may be an unlikely course of action with ARM being a major rival to Intel. The more likely outcome is that Apple would switch the architecture on forthcoming models like the iPhone 5S over to Intel specification as the company are renowned for the quality of their chips which are known for their speed and efficiency. At present Apple products use A series chips jointly developed by TSMC and Samsung but they are keen to severe ties with Samsung following a number of disputes and this is a major factor behind them entering into discussions with Intel. Check out the latest iPhone 5S offers here

The iPhone 5S is set to arrive during the summer followed by a number of other new Apple products and we may well see these new devices incorporating new processing chips from industry experts Intel.