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Apple does not include Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini in patent dispute list

The Apple Insider reports that Apple did not include the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini to a new list of Samsung-made products it claims violates its patents.

Initially, the Cupertino firm did include the device to the list of devices it thinks infringes on its patents. However, since the device is not currently being sold in the US, Apple decided not to include the smaller version of the Galaxy S3 to this list.

Both Apple and Samsung were requested by a US court to make a new list containing rival products it thinks violates its patents. The second trial will be kicking off in California on March of 2014.

Apple may have omitted the S3 Mini from its list, but this doesn’t mean that Samsung is happy. Included in Apple’s list are Samsung’s highly popular devices such as the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2.

Apple may have omitted the Galaxy S3 Mini from its list of Samsung products it thinks violated its patents, but this doesn’t mean that there’s no more possibility Apple will no longer include the device. Apple reserves the right to include the device to its list if Samsung sells the handset in the US.

In the first trial between Samsung and Apple, the Korean firm was forced to pay the Cupertino firm more than $1 billion in damages. In the upcoming second trial, Samsung will be making a case against the iPhone 5.

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