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Apple is working on a lower-end iPhone

According to sources, Apple is now working on a lower-end iPhone. If this is indeed true, then Apple is indeed trying to win against its rival companies as they are to compete with them with this big shift. We all know how Apple is now playing second placer (well, next to its arch-nemesis Samsung). If this plan pushes through, the company might be able to make a huge comeback and out seat Samsung.

Apple Headquarters

Apple Headquarters

While the Cupertino Firm is now exploring options for their next devices, it is not that farfetched for the company to go in a direction where they can offer their devices at a cheaper rate like Samsung and HTC. Yes, coming out with a cheaper device means that Apple may have to follow Samsung and HTC with their cheap and yet stylish polycarbonate casings. They can now lay-low on producing expensive aluminum devices in the likes of their iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, and make a switch to polycarbonate plastic just so they can lower down their prices. They can also use the same innards or parts, but simply dish the aluminium casing. If you ask me, Samsung and HTC’s devices are strikingly beautiful even if they don’t use expensive aluminium housings for their devices.

It is basically hard to tell whether Apple will push through with this or not. All we know right now is that the company needs to get back on the top again. This is only possible, if they can cater to lower-end smartphone market. I am not saying that they should create cheap phones with cheap materials. What I meant is that, they should try to be like Samsung. Samsung caters to basically everyone with their ranges of devices. They have lower-end devices, mid-range, and of course the best-selling Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (known as high-end devices).  Unlike Apple, there is only the iPhone 5 (and its older siblings).

Will they push through with this? We hope that the sources are right when they said that Apple is working on a lower-end iPhone.

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