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Apple signs Samsung for upcoming iPhone chips

We all know how Apple and Samsung are at each other’s throats. On and off court houses across the globe, they are like cats and dogs, they fight and yet they end up loving each other. Well, on Apple’s case, it’s them who need Samsung to provide them the chips that they need to power their future iPhone/s. Samsung-chips-relationship-apple-macworld-australia

According to the Korean Economic Daily on Monday, Samsung will be supplying its arch nemesis (Apple) with A9 chips based on a 14-nanometer process node starting 2015.

The said new chip would power an iPhone (the iPhone 7 theoretically speaking) as it would go into production in 2015 and one which could be released in the latter half of 2015 says the report.

This report came a couple of weeks after another news agency reported that Apple and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company had reached a three-year deal in developing Apple’s A series chips, extending all the way to silicon called the A9.

Samsung has been an exclusive manufacture of Apple’s A series processors for its iOS devices (A6 included). However, Apple has been reducing its chip orders to Samsung for its next-gen iPhone as the latter tries to diversify its supply line and reduce its reliance on its biggest legal-rival.

As a result of one of their court cases (pertaining to infringing Samsung’s patent) Apple’s iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, and others are on sales ban in the US. But still, this did not stop Apple from going back to Samsung for its future iPhone chips.

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