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Apple Working On New Devices-The iPhone 5S Expected To Be One Of These

In recent weeks we have been hearing an increasing number of rumours surrounding the new products that Apple will soon be releasing. Among these new products are the new iPhone 5s, the iPhone Mini and also an iOS powered television. Apple do not normally give much away ahead of a launch, however the company has confirmed that they are working on a number of new devices. iphone 5s

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook addressed the audience at the recent annual shareholders meeting where he raised several key points including the selection of devices that the company are currently developing. Mr Cook did not divulge details of the new products however but it is believed that they could include the two new iPhones that Apple are rumoured to be working on along with the new iWatch or the new Apple TV which have been mentioned in many reports recently. Apple are not known for giving away details ahead of a launch, so this may be a well thought out move by the company to gain more interest in the release which will take place in coming months in a hope to address the falling share prices that they have been experiencing. With regards to Apple’s competitors Mr Cook commented that “we’re really aware of the competition as well. We don’t have our head stuck in the sand” and with regards to the falling share prices he commented “I don’t like it. The board doesn’t like it. The management team doesn’t like it. What we are focused on is the long term. This has always been a secret of Apple”. Click here for more iPhone 5S News

Apple’s share prices have fallen from $700 to $444 however this is not a reflection of the company’s poor sales as sales in general have been very good for the firm. The most popular smartphone on the market during the final quarter of 2012 was the iPhone 5 and following closely behind was the older iPhone 4S. One way that the company can address the fall in share prices is to release more iPhones which will enable them to gain a larger proportion of the total market. Along with the new iPhone 5S this summer we could also see the launch of a new iPhone Mini which will enter at the lower end of the market. Find the cheapest iPhone 5S prices here

The new iPhone 5S and the lower priced iPhone Mini which are expected to be released this summer following confirmation from Apple that they are hard at work on new products.