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Appple iPod Touch – An Amazing Piece of Entertainment in a Handheld Device

iPod touch

Apple iPod touch

Today was a great day to get out, I was running my errands and thought hey I’m going to check out the Apple iPod Touch 8GB. So I went to the Mac store, buzzed around the people in line for the iPad3 which made it’s debut today, hats off to that. This was sort of cool, because it gave me a chance to play around with the iPods my favorite being the iPod touch of any variety 8GB, 16GB, and 64GB platform.

When I picked up the iPod Touch the first thing I noticed is how light it was and how well it fit in the palm of my hand. In comparison to my now aged iPod Classic 80GB, this thing was off the charts cool. It reminded me of a smaller pocket sized version of my iPad2, only drawback was that I couldn’t surf the net Safari doesn’t let you in the store that’s another topic.

Some things Apple added to the iPod Touch are imessage, Notification Center, and Twitter integration. The iMessage is a new feature that lets you send messages free via Wi-Fi. The Notification Centers a nice feature too, keeps you informed so you don’t forget the work party next Tuesday or your daughter’s dance recital on Wednesday. Plus, you get Twitter integration, so you can tweet directly from Safari, You Tube, Photos, Camera, and Maps with i0S5. Another great feature is FaceTime, it enables you to call a friend’s iPod Touch, iPad2, iPhone or Mac via Wi-Fi all it requires is an email account and Apple ID.

What would an Apple device be if weren’t for all those Apps, well with the Tap App store you can access more than 500,00 apps of which there are over 100,000 entertainment and games. Another great thing Apple has introduced is the iCloud, which lets automatically download new apps you purchase on your iPod Touch to your iPad or iPhone. There are literally apps from a virtual library to an app that lets you access radio stations from anywhere on the globe. These downloads are fast and many are free, all of which makes your iPod Touch an almost inseparable item.

Another interesting feature is the camera, every portable electronic device has one these days but the iPod Touch has two. There’s a Front-facing camera above the display on the front which captures your face at arms length and a Rear-facing camera to capture objects behind the iPod Touch in great detail. Now, compared to an iPhone the camera resolution is not as clear (0.7 mega pixels vs. iPhone’s 5 mega pixels) and the Retina Display is darker but there is a brightness adjustment and LED backlighting. I would say that the photo quality isn’t quite as nice as the iPhone. I couldn’t figure out how to focus or zoom, but to be honest I rely more on my Canon Elph for serious picture taking. After viewing some movies I found the HD Video to be stunning, really is amazing how far portable entertainment has come in the last ten years.

One of the many great features on the iPod Touch or any iPod is the music downloads. You can access iTunes music and media store to search through millions of song titles to purchase and download automatically. I found that with the shake of your wrist the iPod Touch will shuffle your songs, or you can let Genius use music you already have and love it will make a play list or mix. The best part is with the iCloud feature I mentioned earlier, you can download your iTunes purchase automatically to your iPad, Mac, PC, or iPhone through a Wi-Fi connection no synching required.

With the Air Play feature I was able to stream my music and video to my home entertainment system through Apple TV, which to my amazement was surprisingly simple. You can setup the Air Play by selecting the brand name of your speaker system, the iPod picks up the information from your entertainment system wirelessly from manufacturers like B&W, Denon, JBL, iHome& Marantz. And like my wife’s Mac Book my iPod Touch has Air Print which will print documents wirelessly through your printer and with iCloud it saves all your valuable information like apps, photos, music, games, photos. With the iCloud technology, I can buy a book on iBookstore or a song title on iTunes and it appears not only on my iPod Touch but my iPad2, Mac Book, PC which is great so if need be I can back up my data on other devices.

All in all, I think the iPod Touch 8GB is a great value, because you get most of the iPhone capabilities without the contract and much more bang for your buck than the iPad2 in a much smaller package. With it’s ability to store 2,000 songs, 10 hours of video, or 10,000 photos I think it will replace my old iPod Classic quite nicely. It also comes with a 1 year warranty, and the quality and piece of mind that I’ve come to expect from Apple products.

Hi I am Jarod H Meridian, I created this article to share my review about the Apple iPod Touch. I hope I can help to bring clear information about the latest portable media player from Apple. Feel free to check out what people are saying about the iPod at Amazon.
By Jarod H Meridian