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AppStore Downloads Surpass The 40 Billion Mark

apple-iphone-5-white-all-sidesNearly 6 years ago, Apple launched the first instalment of its now iconic iPhone range, bringing to market a number of features which changed the way the use our mobile phones forever. One of the most notable features that the new iPhone introduced was the AppStore. This gave Apple a massive advantage over competitors, allowing consumers to massively increase the versatility and productivity of the devices. The AppStore is now used by millions of people on a daily basis in 155 countries.


Of course, since the first iPhone was launched competing operating systems have introduced their own application download services, such as Google Play and Windows Marketplace. However, the AppStore is widely regarded as the best application download service on account of the quality of apps and its seamless integration with Apple devices, along with a catalogue of over 750,000 application which increases every day. Check out our website to stay up to date with the latest iPhone 5 News, and compare popular contract deals for the iPhone 5.


Of course, Apple has had something of a head start over its competitors, which has contributed to the AppStore being the biggest application download service out there. The popularity of the AppStore has increased vastly over the years. It was only a couple of years ago that Apple announced that application downloads from the AppStore had reached one billion. However, this week Apple made another announcement that this number has now skyrocketed to 40 billion.


According to an article over at SlashGear, December 2012 alone saw users of various iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models download a whopping two billion applications from the AppStore. Even more impressively, the figure of 40 billion downloads only takes into account new application downloads, and excludes re-downloads and updates.


Obviously, the high number of apps rose sharply towards the end of 2012 thanks largely to the launch of the iPhone 5 back in September, which saw sales of over five million units during its first weekend on the market.