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April 2013 announcement for the Samsung Galaxy S4?

If there’s a strong rumour circulating all over the net now, it is all about the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S4. Yes, it seems so crazy to be hearing about this phone when the Galaxy S3 is barely 10 months old now. But with the strong competition in the mobile phone market right now, it is only crazy if Samsung didn’t push for an early release of the said new Galaxy S device. 

Recently, rumours are suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S4 might be announced this coming April. Well, with all of the rumours we are now hearing, it is only but right to be excited about this new Samsung device. We all know how Samsung’s S series fared in the market and all of them are best-sellers. Even the Samsung Galaxy S2 is still doing well in the market today, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is doing so good that it passed the 30 Million mark by Samsung.

Now, new rumours suggest that Samsung will be announcing the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4 by April of 2013. The phone is said to feature in a project by Samsung and is called ‘Project J”. We barely hear details about this except for the tentative date of announcement (which is April) and the project it will fall under (Project J). The phone is said to come in with a quad-core processor, 13MP camera, and bigger display size than the Galaxy S3.

With all of the news about Apple and Samsung’s court cases and with all of the impressive sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it is only but good to hear that Samsung is upping their game and trying to produce this new handset for early next year.

If the rumour is indeed true, then all we have to do is to wait for April 2013 and wait for that day when Samsung finally introduces the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

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