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BBC Sports Android app launched

BBC has launched its BBC Sports app for Android, allowing you to get the latest sports news and videos directly on your Android-powered device. The list of devices includes the Google Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S3, and Galaxy Note 2. It can also be used on tablets with screen sizes measuring seven inches at the most. This includes Android tablets such as the Google Nexus 7.BBC-Sports-App

Like any major app, the BBC Sports app was released for Android a month after it was released for iOS. Developers blame this on the sheer number of sizes and variety of specs Android devices come with. Apple’s iPhone and iPad, on the other hand, only comes in a few sizes, which makes optimising apps easier for developers. Fragmentation causes Android to get apps later than Apple devices.

It’s understandable why developers take longer to optimise their apps for Android, but this doesn’t mean that we like it. One example of Android users getting annoyed with developers is the Sky Sports app. Sky Sports subscribers using Android phones and tablets were annoyed to find out that the Android Sky Sports app did not come with the same features offered by the iOS Sky Sports app.

You can download the Android BBC Sports app on Google Play. It will work for devices running at least Android 2.2.

Do you now have the BBC Sports app running on your Android device? Let us know through a comment below.