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Benchmark leaks budget 7-inch ASUS ME172V running Jelly Bean

Do you think Google can come up with a tablet cheaper that the Nexus 7? If a benchmark is to be believed, ASUS has created a tablet that takes pocket-friendly to a whole new level.

The ASUS ME172V has been leaked on GLBenchmark. This lines up with a past report, claiming ASUS was prepping up a 7-inch slate that would set you back a mere $99 (£62). The same report said that the tablet will be named the ME-172V. If these reports are true, then Apple’s iPad would lose more market shares to budget Android tablets.

According to GLBenchmarks, the ME172V will sport a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1024×552 pixels. It will also sport a processor clocked somewhere in between 600MHz to 1008MHz, which makes it less powerful than the iPad mini.

Although the specs seem disappointing, the device is said to be powered by Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean). With Jelly Bean on board, you will get to enjoy all the new features the latest version of Android has to offer such as Google Now and advanced voice search.

Sadly, only the resolution offered by the device’s 7-inch screen, a rather weak processor, and a more updated version of Android was revealed. We’re hoping to know more in the coming days or weeks.

Google is now known for offering decent and high-end devices for a fraction of the price compared to what the competition has to offer. One of the best examples is the Nexus 4, which is Nexus smartphone with a 4.7-inch display and a quad-core processor. The device costs a mere £239 via Google Play, which almost half the price compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

With the search giant offering device that offer more value for your money, its rivals are in trouble. Honestly, why would you spend an arm and a leg if you can get something cheaper from Google?

Want to know more on the ASUS ME172V? Stay tuned for more updates.