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Both The Sony Xperia ZL And Xperia Z To Be Released In Canada, UK Awaiting News On The ZL

CES 2013 got underway recently and it was the perfect opportunity for a number of smartphone manufacturers to unveil big models that they have planned for the coming months. Sony actually introduced two new smartphones at the event in the form of the Sony Xperia ZL and the Xperia Z. Originally reports suggested that consumers in Canada would only see the release of one of these models but it now looks as though both handsets will hit the market.xperia zl

This latest news that both the Sony Xperia ZL and Xperia Z will go on sale in Canada will delight smartphone consumers who were expecting the arrival of just one of the new devices. The news of both models being released broke on Twitter thanks to a post on Sony Mobile’s official page that read “yes, both the Z and ZL will be coming to Canada”. Both of these handsets can be classed as premium smartphones although the true flagship model in the new range is the Xperia Z thanks to its IP57 certification which means that the phones body is both dust and water resistant. As far as other markets across the world go there has been no news to confirm whether both handsets will be released or if indeed Sony will just introduce selected models. The UK is definitely set to welcome the Sony Xperia Z but at this moment in time we have had no confirmation about the Xperia ZL. Find the best Sony Xperia ZL contract offers here

Sony made a bold pledge at the back end of 2012 that the company would release handsets early in 2013 that would challenge the big players in the market like the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 from Samsung. The Sony Xperia ZL and Z models look exactly like the phones company executives had in mind when making this pledge. The new Xperia ZL is actually the smaller of the two handsets measuring 131.6mm by 69.3mm but it is also slightly deeper than its sibling at 9.8mm while the Xperia Z measures an impressive 7.9mm in this department. There are some slight variations in specification but the both models sport a high quality 5 inch display that can show a 1080P resolution image, the first devices from the company to offer such a standard. For more Sony Xperia ZL News click here.

UK consumers will have to wait and see if the new Sony Xperia ZL get its expected release but Canadian consumers will be delighted at the news that both models will hit the market.