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BubbleScope now available for Samsung Galaxy S3 owners

If you have been eyeing your friends’ iPhone devices with BubbleScope camera for a little while now, then worry no more. This is because you too can now own this and use it with your Samsung Galaxy S3BUBBLESCOPE-GAL-S3-1

Originally, the BubbleScope camera was meant for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and the iPhone 5. Now, this 360 degree camera can be used with your Android device, the Galaxy S3.

You can now capture video and images and use BubblePix app. You can also start sharing your “bubbles” with friends via your free online account.

The key features of BubbleScope and BubblePix app’s include real-time 360 degree previews, social media integration, library management, neoprene protection case with cleaning cloth, and fully retractable glass optics.

In addition, you will also get a connection case for your Galaxy S3. Please note that they are being sold separately for only £11.99.

How does this work? The BubbleScope works by using a precision engineered hemi-spherical glass mirror. This will allow you to capture 360 degree environment around your Galaxy S3.

You will get an arrangement of corrective optics and angled mirror which will re-direct the light into the camera’s standard lens. This will then produce a donut shaped 360 degree image. The app will unwrap the donut into an immersive 360 degree image (in real-time). You also have the chance to preview and capture everything as a still image or in video form.

This is basically a pocket-sized device, and this is something that you can operate in standard vertical screen position. It will then enable you to view the screen and operate the app even while capturing a level horizon image.

The phone’s case is discreet and thin so you don’t have to worry about it bulking up your slim Galaxy S3. When the BubbleScope is not in use, it will leave minimal effect to the overall feel and function of your device.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 BubbleScope is available for £49.99 only via Kondor.

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