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CES 2013 To See 27 Awards For Samsung

In January, the CES 2013 event will be taking place in Las Vegas.  Samsung has confirmed that it will be picking up 27 awards at the event, which praises an array of consumer electronics categories for their qualities in innovation, design and engineering etc.


Samsung will be picking up awards for many of its different products types, and is an industry leader in consumer electronics, producing everything from TV’s and cameras, to appliances and of course its bestselling line of smartphones and tablets.


Among these is the Samsung Galaxy S3.  This is the South Korean manufacturer’s flagship Android smartphone, which has quickly become one of the best selling smartphone models of all time, and has dominated the smartphone sales charts around the world since its launch back in May.  The device rose to fame after it took just 100 days to sell its first 20 million units, and Samsung announced 30 million sales being reached after 150 days of availability.  The device is the main rivals to Apple’s popular iPhone range, and last month the Galaxy S3 outsold Apple’s iPhones for the first time making it to number one smartphone manufacturer in the world. Samsung Galaxy S3 News and Samsung Galaxy S3 Contract Price Comparison can be found on our website.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 has already won numerous awards.  These range from high profile events to smaller scale awards held by various technology magazines and websites.  As well as the Galaxy S3, Samsung will also be picking up an award for its Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.  This Android powered device is a larger scale version of last year’s popular Galaxy Note, and offers a compelling Android-powered alternative to Apple’s iconic iPad.


Until the event takes place we will not know for sure expect awards which Samsung will be picking up for these devices.  The event is always an exciting time for the technology industry, and traditionally sees new smartphone and tablet models being unveiled by manufacturers, so is a prominent date on the calendar of the smartphone business.