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Changes May Be Due On The iPhone 5S In Order For Apple To Remain Competitive

Apple have recently announced their Q4 2012 results and these were much higher than predicted despite well publicised demand and supply issues with the new iPhone 5. Over the coming months we are set to see the launch of the new iPhone 5 but analysts predict that changes in the smartphone market may have quite an impact on Apple’s sales.iphone 5s

A huge 47.8 million phones were shifted by Apple in the final quarter of last year, a number higher than what the company have achieved in any other previous three month period. The smartphone market is changing rapidly however and one analyst is suggesting that Apple’s own business model is starting to look dated which could have an impact on sales. We have seen a large number of high quality, low priced smartphones arrive from the likes of ZTE and Huawei over the past year. Previously lower cost phones would deliver terrible user experiences but these new models offer great specification and features. Apple have always released there new models at the higher end of the market but will models like the iPhone 5S be able to hold off competition from the new generation of cheaper devices? For more
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This change in the smartphone market may mean that Apple will have to rethink their own strategy moving forward. For the new iPhone 5S to sell in similar numbers to the iPhone 5 a dramatic change may be required. Too much change however and the phone will no longer feel like an iPhone, something Apple are very wary of. Subtle adjustments however could result in consumers moving elsewhere as they do not feel that the brand is moving forward. One area where Apple could make a difference is with screen size and it is possible that we may see a sharp increase in the display size of this new model. Samsung and other companies have been enjoying great success with 4.7 inch plus screens and this is a route Apple may choose to take. Alternatively it has been suggested that the new model could be launched with a variety of different sized displays although this could pose massive problems production wise. Compare iPhone 5S packages here

Apple may need to make some major changes on their new iPhone 5S device to remain competitive in the smartphone market. This could mean we are set to see a bigger display than ever before or perhaps even a range of phones with differing screen sizes.