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China will soon get their iPhone 5

Recently, the iPhone 5 bound for China received its go-signal from Chinese regulators. With this, it means that a possible December debut for the iPhone 5 is nothing but possible. Yes, this must be pretty late from the original September 21st debut of the iPhone 5 in the US, UK, Australia, and other countries, but at least the phone is landing in China soon. 

Just so you know, China is today’s second largest market for Apple Inc. So, it’s relatively sad how this big of a market is only receiving their official iPhone 5 distributions after it launched almost 3 months ago. Apple said that the iPhone 5 will soon be released in China this month, but of course the months waiting period for it caused Apple’s market share to go down to a low 10% during the second quarter. Why? It’s because people are holding out for the new iPhone 5 instead of getting the iPhone 4S or upgrading to the iPhone 4. This is even if the prices for both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S went relatively low.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for their Telecom Regulatory Authority recently displayed two variants of the iPhone 5 on their website. It was said to receive a much-awaited approval only last Thursday. The said two variants of the iPhone 5 are the A1429 (a WCDMA model that will run on China’s Unicom’s network) and the A1442 variant (or the CDMA model that will run on China Telecom Corp’s network).

Meanwhile, the second-largest mobile carrier in China (China Unicorn) through its Chairman said that they are expecting to sell the iPhone 5 within this year. The company who is said to be aiming for a major boost with its 3G users to about 100 Million by the end of 2012. On their first nine months alone, they garnered about 67 Million users. The 100 Million target is not impossible with the iPhone 5 landing in China soon.

December is here, are you ready to get your iPhone 5 now?

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