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Delayed HTC One release date (due to components shortage)

News from Taiwan is saying that HTC is having trouble in acquiring components needed in making the HTC One’s Ultrapixel camera. If this is indeed happening, then we can all expect the HTC One’s release to be delayed. This information was given despite HTC’s promises during the phone’s launch event. Surprisingly, even the phone’s review samples have not been made available until this day. HTC_One_360_Wide

Android Authority said that channel checks from KGI Securities found that HTC was unable to secure crucial components that they need for the HTC One. The One’s VCM or Voice Coil Motor and CCM or Compact Camera Module are said to be components threatening to limit supply.

KGI Analyst said that yield rates for the HTC One’s camera are between 20 to 30%. With this low yield rate, KGI says that the Taiwanese phone maker may only be able to ship 800, 000 to 1.2 Million HTC One devices in the months after its March 22 original release date.

There is no denying that the HTC One was able to attract potential buyers after it was recently launched. With the phone’s impressive specs, new camera, and features, it is not that impossible for the Taiwanese phone maker to expect Millions of units ordered for its first shipment alone.

Yes, the phone’s Ultrapixel camera is giving the company big headaches for now, but they still have the time to get their acts together and pull it off. We all know that this particular device may be the one to help the ailing company improve its standing in the Samsung and Apple heavily dominated smartphone market.

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