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Demand for iPhone 4 with lowered price ‘surprised’ Apple, according to Tim Cook

Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that, after the Cupertino firm lowered the price of the iPhone 4, the huge demand for the handset “surprised” Apple, Wall Street Journal reports. Despite this, he remained tight-lipped about Apple’s plans of launching a cheap iPhone.apple-iphone-4g

At the conference, Cook was asked, “For prepaid customers, the iPhone is not affordable. How do you think about creating a great customer experience?”

He answered, “This is a popular question. Our north star is great product. When everyone comes to work every day, they’re thinking about that front and center. We wouldn’t do anything we wouldn’t consider a great product. There are other companies that do that, and that’s just not who we are.”

He added, “That said, if you look at what we’ve done to appeal to people who are more price sensitive, we lowered the price for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and in the December quarter, we didn’t have enough supply of iPhone 4, so it surprised us as to the level of demand we had for it.

“We are making moves to make things more affordable.”

We’ve heard rumours of Apple planning to launch a cheaper iPhone with its casing made of plastic to cut down on cost. However, since Apple is yet to confirm this, take this information with a pinch of salt.

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