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Durability Testing On Samsung Galaxy Models In New Video

There are plenty of videos out there showing smartphones being subject to all kinds of punishment such as being dropped, scratched and even put into a blender to find out how tough they are, allowing users to make an informed decision before buying their next smartphone.


A Korean website dedicated to information on Samsung products called Samsung Tomorrow has recently posted a video on YouTube.  The video which is in Korean, but does not mean require any translation was posted on Sunday and has already racked up over 600,000 views and has been featured on a number of mobile phone and technology websites.


The video shows various Samsung phones including the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 being subject to all kinds of punishment in a laboratory environment to simulate all manner of worst case scenarios. Find out more about the Samsung Galaxy S3 and check out the top Samsung Galaxy S3 Contracts on our website.


The video sees the phones being subject to series of drop tests and scratch tests, as well as some more thorough testing.  Phones are tested on their water resistance by being exposed to everything from simulated rain to a full on hose soaking.


We also see the handsets hooked up to a selection of different machines which tests to durability of the phones’ buttons and USB ports as well as testing how much pressure the touchscreen can withstand whilst remaining operational.  Other machines test the durability of the phones by bending, pulling and twisting them until breaking point.


If you’re planning on buying any of these handsets, it is reassuring to know that Samsung goes to such extremes to test the phones are likely to handle just about any scenario in day to day use that you can think of.


The Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 certainly seem to be able to withstand their fair share of punishment if this video is anything to go by. It would certainly be interesting to see the lengths which other manufactures go to when testing the durability of their phones.