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EE to offer cheaper tariff and ‘super-users’ data

Are you planning on getting the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE or the 4G version of the iPhone 5, but find EE’s deals too expensive or offer too little data? If this is the case, we have good news for you. EE will be offering cheaper tariffs and more data.orange-ee-wide

On the 31st of January, EE will be offering a twenty-four-month deal at £31 per month. This has unlimited UK calls, unlimited SMS, and 500 MB of data. The only catch is, you’ll have to pay extra for your chosen phone. Currently, this is the cheapest deal EE will be offering.

If two year is too much for you, EE is offering a twelve-month deal at £41 per month. This is £10 extra compared to the twenty-four-month deal, but allows you to switch deals, phones, or even networks once the contract is up. Although more expensive, it does offer you more freedom.

For those of you who would like to get more data allowance, EE is offering their ‘super-user’ deal. The SIM-only deal will set you back £46 per month and will require you to stay on the deal for twelve months the deal gets you 20GB of data. With a phone, it will cost you £61 per month for twenty-four months. Sadly, this deal will only be valid until February. If you sign up in March, the twelve-month SIM-only deal will cost you £61 per month, while the twenty-four-month deal with a phone will set you back £76 per month.

These deals are definitely better or cheaper compared to the deals EE started with, offering more value for your money. However, other network operators are expected to dish out 4G data in May. Once other networks offer 4G, we’re expecting the prices to be more competitive.

Signing up with EE, or are you waiting for a better deal from other networks? Let us know through a comment below.