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Elop poked fun at Apple’s iPhone during live TV interview

Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop is clearly not a big fan of Apple and its iPhone line. During his interview (Finnish TV), Elop was repeatedly asked by the host about the Nokia Lumia 928. We all have heard of rumours pertaining to the Verizon Wireless bound Nokia Lumia 928. Maybe this particular rumour poked the interest of the host (who appears to be a big fan of Nokia). stephen elop

If you watch the video, you will notice how the host repeatedly asked Elop about the new Nokia Lumia 928 and how Nokia’s CEO repeatedly dodge the bullets by saying that he doesn’t know anything about it and it hasn’t been announced yet.

So instead of answering the question, Elop continued to talk about the Nokia Lumia 620 and how this new device will soon land in Finland. This is as we all know is the latest addition to the Lumia family and is a lower-end version of the Windows Phone 8 Nokia device.

The host appears to be frustrated that he dared to take his iPhone and show it to Elop. The host said ‘I can do one thing… I have an iPhone’ and further added ‘I don’t want to have an iPhone’. Elop said: ‘oh how Embarrassing”. The host said, ‘I don’t want an iPhone, I want to have a Nokia 928…” then Elop suddenly reached out to the guy’s iPhone and said: ‘Look, I can take care of that for you….right here… there you go..’ then he threw the iPhone in front of the host and national TV.  The host said that, ‘I want to have a Nokia phone, because I believe in you… I believe in Nokia…  but I want to have that Lumia 928.” He further added: “when do I get it?” Still not talking about the Nokia Lumia 928, the host asked if Elop will change his iPhone with a new Nokia phone. Elop said with “don’t worry” and that he will change it.

It is quite evident that the host is a big Nokia fan. It is also clear that Elop is not a big fan of the iPhone.

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