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Expansys to receive its HTC One on the 14th of this month

HTC recently unveiled the HTC One, the company’s latest Android flagship device. Now, we all heard the company saying that the HTC One will be available on the 15th of this month. Now, one UK retailer is saying a different story. Yes, according to Expansys UK, the HTC One will be landing a day earlier than expected March 15th release date. 208124_209788415716614_162878487074274_763314_6629683_n

TechRadar spoke with Expansys spokesperson and said: “The HTC One is now expected in stock on Thursday 14 March.”

“We are hoping for stock to be in customers hands for March 14 if they have pre-ordered. It all depends on the stock coming in and so far we can only say ‘expected on 14th’.”

Expansys doesn’t have a clean record when it comes to announcing the right release date. So if you are one of the many hopefuls expecting to receive your HTC One on the 14th of this month, just don’t. This way, if the phone doesn’t land in your hands that day, you will not end up raging mad. But one thing is for sure, you will get your device soon.

We are happy to know that the HTC One was able to spark interest amongst new and old smartphone buyers. This could be the break that the Taiwanese phone maker has been waiting for.

The HTC One is a device that is capable to lure you with its amazing design, huge screen, powerful innards, and basically it is a work of art. The phone’s specs will truly make your mouth water.

The only problem is (if Expansys is indeed telling the truth), if and when the company will be releasing the HTC One on the 14th, it will coincide with Samsung’s unveiling of its Galaxy S4 during its Unpacked 2013 event in New York City.

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