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Facebook Messenger for the iPhone now allows free calls in the UK

We have good news for iOS Facebook Messenger app users in the UK. You can now use the app to make free calls to friends. If you’re an Android user, unfortunately, the service is still not available.Facebook-Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app for the iPhone not only allows you to chat with your friends, it also allows you to make free voice calls. So if chatting isn’t enough, all you have to do is hit the ‘I’ button to make a free call.

Unfortunately, you can’t make conference calls. You can only speak to friend one at a time. However, just in case a Facebook friend fails to answer the call, you can leave your friend voicemail.

You can make use of the service via a 3G or 4G network. However, this can make you go over your monthly data. If this is bothering you, you can also make a free Facebook cal via Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, if your friend’s network has blocked the service, your call will not go through.

Early this year, the new service was launched for iOS users in the US and Canada. Thankfully, the service has also been launched for the app’s users in the UK.

Are you now calling friends for free on the Facebook Messenger app for the iPhone? Let everybody know through a comment below.