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Galaxy S4 survives Samsung reliability test

The Samsung Galaxy S4 (see more on Samsung Galaxy S4 here) is the Korean tech giant’s current flagship, which means it is one of the top of the line devices in the market. In other words, it is an expensive device. One look at the S4 and you’ll immediately notice its slim profile. This may make you think that it can easily be broken. According to a video (see video here) made by the Korean firm, this clearly isn’t the case (see related news here).nexusae0_Expecting-the-Unexpected-GALAXY-S4-Reliability-Testing-2

The smartphone was put through several torture tests called the “reliability test.” In the first test (consecutive drop test), a machine repeatedly drops the handset simulating a drop from a flight of stairs. In the second test (free-fall test), a machine repeatedly drops the S4 from a considerable height, simulating a tall drop. In the third test (tumble test), a machine tumbles the phone a lot of times. In the fourth test (impact test), a heavy weight is dropped on the display, simulating impact. In the fifth test (sink test), the S4 is submerged in water. In the last test (temperature & humidity torture test), it is placed in an enclosure with humidity that melts ice and butter.

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S4 survives these tests, proving it is tough.

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