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Google Maps for iOS now with Street View

Yes, a lot of you have waited for the new iPhone 5 and the iOS 6. Some people with older iPhones and iPads waited for the iOS 6 too. I guess they all have different bad stories when it comes to the new Maps app by Apple and that even if they love their devices so much, they got turned down by its much-maligned Maps app. But with the arrival of the new Google Maps app for iOS, things changed and Apple fanbois are now enjoying their maps app like never before. Well, I guess the cool street view and other features did it. 

Yes, Google’s iOS Maps app is now available for download via Apple’s App Store. This is said to bring comfort for iPhone 5, iPad, and even iPod Touch owners. There is the new Public Transportation that you can use, and compass controlled street view. This will allow you to scroll down the map by simply waving your device around.

The Google iOS Maps apps is relatively new to the App Store, but as early as now, it is getting nothing but positive reviews. The Maps apps’ ability to search for public transport is quite important to many, and with the addition of alerting you with actual delays, this is useful and time saver indeed.

Google’s Maps apps’ satellite information looks amazing too and the said Mapping apps is well presented and super fast too. The on-screen controls will soon become familiar to old timers. Yes, this is by far way better than using the web-based Maps app service by Google. However, there is an issue. According to users, the links to maps on websites or within the said Maps app are likely to open using the phone’s integrated Maps app. The device has no way of telling the iOS which maps app you would like to use as your default map.

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