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Google Nexus 4 serial numbers show when, where, and the amount of units produced – 400,000 units sold worldwide

Members of XDA forums have figured out when, where, and the amount of units of the Google Nexus 4 that have been made.

According to TechCrunch, XDA member Alexander T reveals that the serial numbers on the box shows when and where the handset was made. The first digit tells the year. ‘2’ stands for 2012, while ‘3’ stands for 2013. The second and third digit tells the month. ‘11’ stands for November, ‘12’ for December, and ‘01’ for January. The last figure is a letter. C is for China and K is for Korea.

After a number of users ported these figures, another user, draugaz, suggested, “Now it would be interesting to decode the rest of the numbers so we could roughly estimate the actual production counts.”

The last six figures of the serial number found on the box, which is the same last six figures found on the phone’s IMEI number, shows the number of the phone on the production line. Soon after draugaz figured this out, a rough amount was determined for the months of October, November, and December.

With the participation of a few more members, it was revealed that 70,000 units were made during the month of October, 90,000 units rolled out of production in the month of November, and 200,000 units were manufactured in December. These figures include the 8GB and 16GB variants of the Nexus 4, which totals to 400,000 units sold in only two months.

With roughly 120,000 units rolling out of the production, it’s apparent that Google and LG did not properly think things through.

The Nexus 4 was sold out in less than 30 minutes after it went live on Google Play and less than twenty-four hours on the second time it went live. It’s clear that the handset is in demand, so it puzzling why the Korean firm and the search giant didn’t figure out that they needed to ramp up production.

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