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Google rumoured to pirate Samsung marketing executives for Motorola

Google has reportedly snatched up one of the key marketing executives of Samsung for Motorola. Motorola is said to be using the executive’s expertise in its new smartphone lineup.

The report comes from AllThingsD. It says, “Samsung has done a very good job selling its brand of Google’s Android phones. And apparently Google has paid attention: It is bringing over the guy who headed up Samsung’s marketing to do the same job at its Motorola unit.

“Google has hired Brian Wallace, the vice president of strategic marketing at Samsung’s U.S. phone unit, to fill a similar post at Motorola, according to people familiar with the move.

“At Samsung, Wallace headed up consumer marketing, and got credit for the phone maker’s punchy ad campaign, which tackled Apple directly by mocking its most ardent fans.”

Regardless of whether you’re an Android or Apple fan, it’s not easy to forget Samsung’s ads. They were ads about the Galaxy S2Galaxy NoteGalaxy Note 2, and Galaxy S3. The ads mocked Apple fans, comparing them to sheep and older people.

Click play to see one of these ads.

If the report is genuine, it looks like Motorola will be mocking Apple as well. This isn’t surprising since Motorola has already mocked Apple, making fun of the Apple Maps app mess. They even say that using the Maps app will get you iLost. Another manufacturer that has made fun of Apple is Nokia.

Do you think Brian Wallace was pirated by Google to do work for Motorola? If so, do you think he will do the same Apple mockery just like he did for Samsung? Share your thoughts through a comment below.