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Higher Numbers Of Facebook Users For Android App Than iOS Version

Facebook-for-Android (1)It is now common knowledge that when it comes to smartphone operating systems, the Google-owned Android OS and Apple’s iOS platforms are the two market leaders, by a very wide margin. While preference for either continues to divide opinions of consumers, the dominance of these platforms leaves little room for other operating systems to compete.


Between the two platforms, there is very little dividing their shares of the market. Generally, one will overtake the other by just a few percent of the market share, usually following the launch of a major smartphone model with either platform. For example, the launch of the iPhone 5 back in September 2012 saw a boost to the market share of iOS, and whenever a notable Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 are launched, we generally see the Android platform take the lead.


Over in the United States, iOS recently took the lead over Android, reaching a market share of 53%. In Europe however, it is a different story as Android enjoys an even more significant lead over iOS, with the current market share of around 60%. Visit our website for news and updates on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the best prices for Samsung Galaxy S3 Contracts.


Android Authority has recently posted an article which illustrates the popularity of these platforms in an interesting way. It explains the usage statistics for the native Facebook applications for each operating system, to show which platform is preferred by Facebook users. Of course, with Facebook being one of the most visited websites in history, this is an interesting way to view the popularity of the operating systems.


The article explains that on a monthly basis, 192 million people use the native Facebook application on Android devices. This is considerably higher than those who use the iOS version of the Facebook app, which currently stands at around 147 million people on a monthly basis.


Of course, with more models of Android phone being available, and many different price points this somewhat explains why more people use Facebook on Android devices. That being said, the statistics clearly show that Android is by far the most widely used operating system, in terms of Facebook usage at least.