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HTC Confirms The HTC One Will Be The Only Flagship Of 2013

images (4)Taiwan-based smartphone manufacturer HTC has been always known as being one of the most popular producers of mobile phones. The company has released a number of bestselling devices in the past, as well as acquired commendation for several of its devices. With its successful launch of HTC One, the company seems to be expecting a successful 2013 after competing hard with rivals such as Apple and Samsung.


HTC has been popular for the past few years because it usually releases several models each year, having similar designs and features, most specifically with its Android powered model. But HTC has made an announcement saying that a change will come in their operations and that a new strategy will be implemented and this is to focus only on the production of fewer phones but with higher end features. HTC appears to be following through with this, announcing that the HTC One will be the only flagship device to be released by the company this year. Visit our website to learn more about the HTC One and compare HTC One deals from UK networks.

Even though it is expected that HTC will be launching a lot of more affordable, entry level devices running Android and Windows Phone 8 OS, it is apparent that HTC One will be the sole flag bearer of the company for this year according to Phones Review. However, the impressions given to the model have been very promising, so it is well expected that it will sell many units and will become a bestselling device for the company.


The HTC One is already prepared to be made available in over 60 countries in the coming weeks. With more people looking for alternatives to Apple’ iPhone line which dominated the market previously, we can assure strong sales for the HTC One. The attractive and durable aluminium casing, the HD display, the quad-core processor and  the ‘Ultra Pixel’ camera are just few of the very impressive features which look like they will help make the device a success.


The HTC One is now available in the UK for pre-order where virtually every major network had already confirmed that they will be carrying the device through pay monthly deals. We will bring you updated information about the UK launch of the HTC One, and also provide you with the best deals from all the networks. Do you want to buy an HTC One, or will you go for another device like the Sony Xperia Z, iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4? Share your comments below.