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HTC Facing New Patent Dispute With Nokia

Over recent weeks we have seen many court cases taking place regarding patent disputes between a number of smartphone manufacturers. The battle between Samsung and Apple was the first to take place and this week a licensing agreement has been reached between HTC and Apple. With the release of their new device the HTC 8X the company should be enjoying it’s success, however it looks like there are now more complaints regarding patent infringements coming from their rivals Nokia.

With one dispute out of the way HTC now have a new one to deal with from their rivals Nokia. The complaint is regarding 32 cases of patent infringement in five different locations. In the United States two cases have been registered and the other three in Germany. HTC are currently committed to paying fixed sums to both Apple and Microsoft and it now looks like Nokia could soon join them. It has been a difficult time for HTC who are starting to slip out of the top 8 phone manufactures due to a fall in handset sales. The company are hoping that the release of the new HTC 8X can turn this around as the device has been given the title of flagship device for the new Windows 8 platform. For more
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These problems aside, HTC are currently offering consumers on of the best ranges of smartphones to date. The HTC 8X and the new 8S which is more of a mid range device are the first Windows phones that the company have produced and this could be the new direction that the company needs. When looking at the new Windows phones that are available it looks like the HTC 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920 are fighting for the top spot. With HTC taking a turn away from producing just Android devices this could boost their phone sales as the Android market is mainly dominated by Samsung. HTC have not turned their back on Android however and recent models such as the HTC One X+ should prove stiff competition for devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3. The best HTC 8X Contract prices here

HTC are currently facing the possibility of having to agree to a payment scheme with Nokia. However they are hoping that the success of their new releases the HTC 8X and the
One x+ could increase sales performance.