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HTC One X finally gets Jelly Bean

Own an HTC One X? Have you been waiting for months to get Jelly Bean running on your handset? The long wait is finally over. According to owners in the UK and across Europe, they are starting to receive the Android 4.1 update for their smartphones.

According to Android and Me, owners of the unlocked version of the HTC One X in South America, Europe, and Asia have received the Jelly Bean update.

Version 4.1 is a more updated version of Google’s highly popular operating system. It comes with new features such as Google Now, which delivers information relevant to you even before the thought crosses your mind.

Android 4.1, however, is not the latest version. The latest is version 4.2, which runs on devices such as the Nexus 7 (Google’s cheap 7-inch tablet manufactured by ASUS), the Nexus 10 (a 10-inch iPad-rival made by Samsung), and the Nexus 4 (a 4.7-inch smartphone manufactured by LG).

According to One X owners, the update comes in two parts. The first part is a smaller update (1.25MB to 1.6MB). The second part is a bigger update (357MB to 364MB). Included in the update is support for Sense 4+ (an updated version of HTC’s custom UI).

Unfortunately, it seems only the SIM-free or unlocked versions of the handset are getting the Jelly Bean update. If your One X is tied down to a contract, expect to wait longer for the update to roll out. Updates are subject to networks testing for compatibility with their bloatware before their customers can enjoy the latest version of Android running on their phones.

If you want to know if the update is available for your smartphone, go to ‘Settings’, then hit ‘About’, then go to ‘Software Updates’, then finally hit ‘Check Now’.

Do you have Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) running on your HTC One X? Let us know through a comment below.

  • MHC

    Still waiting

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.baxterschembri Matthew Baxter Schembri

    no update in malta for jellybeen 4.1 omg

    • Micogo

      Yup same, still waiting in Malta :(

  • M@

    CID HTC__001 UK unlocked, nothing yet..

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.baxterschembri Matthew Baxter Schembri

    ye and my is HTC__032 no update yet

  • imran

    HTC_001 nothing yet. still waiting.

  • Mayur Harkison

    owners in the uk?really? show me one user who has received it?

  • Hasan Rizvi

    Still waiting in Middle East..

  • M.M.M

    middle east unlocked one x and nothing yet -_-

  • mo

    Why do they keep saying people in the UK have the update? I have an unlocked version and so do several of my friends, none of us have the official update!

  • SED

    Seriously tired of waiting for the update :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/madcapsk8er David Wayne Howells

    Htc_001 unlocked still nothing….UK

  • teri

    From Philippines: yes, I just updated minutes ago.

  • me

    CID HTC_001 UK Unlocked and still nothing fed up of waiting

  • http://twitter.com/UncorruptedSoul LD

    The only Jelly Bean update I’ve got is that I just finished a packet of Jelly Beans. No update on my HTC OX unlocked :(

  • OrdinaryAmerican

    I love my htc One X. Do you hear me, I LOVE IT. But my next phone will be a Nexus. Screw this waiting game.

  • Micogo

    I have an Unlocked One X, CID is HTC_622. Still nothing. I really have a feeling all of these are stalls. It’s been more than a month since Jelly Bean has been “Rolling out in some places, so you’ll get it really soon!” Totally fair, HTC. At least give us a date so we’re not waiting for months for nothing.

    • scifitrekkie

      +1 on this… this would have to be one of the slowest roll outs EVER!!!…. maybe HTC should invest some money in customer service and produce a schedule (how hard could that be??)

  • toad

    Even with super cid there is no update in UK.

  • norwegiandroid

    installed it on my htc one x in Norway. OTA update.

  • mecm45

    HTC_001 I’ve been waiting a month and nothing :/

    • Sam Stone

      same. and nothing yet. HTC_001 bought from UK, in Czech Republic.

      • abbas

        HTC_001 bought from USA, i am now in TURKEy and still nothing for me