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HTC First Heavily Reduced After Low Demand

images (1)Taiwan based smartphone manufacturer HTC has recently been hitting the headlines on account of its new flagship device, the HTC One. However, more recently the company also released another device called the HTC First. The device was released to showcase the new Facebook home feature, which allows users to interact with the popular social networking platforms from the phone’s Android home screen.

While some people will see this as an innovative new way to interact with the platform, and see it as an innovative feature, it appears that the majority of consumers are not interested in the device. Of course, the launch of the HTC First has not had the same amount of media attention as the likes of its HTC One flagship so has gone unnoticed by many consumers.

Tech Radar has recently reported that the HTC First has seen disappointing sales in the US so far. Apparently, AT&T, one of the biggest network operators in the US has already started to reduce the price of the HTC First handsets in an attempt to sell more contracts. The website reports that this is likely due to low demand for the device, although AT&T or HTC have declined to comment on sales. However, Tech Radar contacted members of staff at AT&T stores, and the majority simply said that people do not appear to be interested in the phone. For HTC First updates, visit our website where you can also sign up for notifications when HTC First deals are available in the UK.

Because of low demand, the network is now selling the HTC First handset for just $0.99 for those who take out a 24 month contract. HTC will certainly be hoping for better success elsewhere as the handset is yet to hit the UK and a number of other markets. However, HTC is still facing financial difficulties, so will be reluctant to commit marketing resources to the HTC First while the HTC One is continuing to sell well.